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The story of White Fang begins in this westernmost and smallest of Canada's three federal territories.


In Part 1: “The Wild," Bill and Henry are depleted of this supply, creating an obstacle for them in combating the wolves.


Bill and Henry are transporting this object by sled in Part 1: "The Wild."

Fort McGurry

This is the destination that Henry and Bill are headed toward in Part 1: "The Wild."


After abandoning Henry as prey, the wolf pack finds this animal and takes it down.

Mackenzie River

It is near this location that She-Wolf gives birth to the litter of cubs that includes White Fang.


This animal is responsible for the death of One-Eye.

Fort Yukon

When White Fang is five years old, he is taken to this city so that Grey Beaver can trade with the gold miners.


Weedon Smith is from this location...

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