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Short Answer Questions

1. What book does Brent read as he crosses Louisiana?

2. What nationality is Tony?

3. Where does Brent have dinner in Chapter 7?

4. What meaning does the whale whirligig have for Grandma?

5. Grandma puts on a dress made of what material?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the wooden band whirligig. How does it move in the wind?

2. As Brent steps into the hostel's dining hall, he sees a bearded man playing a concertina for the guests. Why does Brent admire this man? What is Brent thinking as he watches the bearded man entertain?

3. How does the boy's interest in the whirligig affect Brent?

4. Why is it easy for Brent to interact with the children as he builds the whirligig?

5. Why does Brent refuse to use the Visa card which his parents have given him for the trip? What does this say about his new sense of responsibility?

6. What has Tony failed to do that lands him in trouble with Mr. Mintz?

7. When the chapter ends, what does Tony do that connects the little boy to his great-grandfather?

8. In Chapter 6, what task has the fifth grade teacher assigned that is difficult for her student Tony? Why is the assignment so hard?

9. What does Brent resolve to do as he reads his star guide book? How is he already accomplishing his goal with the whirligigs?

10. What does Grandma know at the beginning of the journey that Jenny does not know? What makes the ride even more poignant with Jenny?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

1) Discuss in detail at least three instances where Brent blames others for his own mistakes.

2) Explore how Brent could have saved himself a lot of unnecessary pain by taking ownership of his actions in each of the three incidents.

Essay Topic 2

Develop an analogy based on the changes which Brent experiences throughout the book.

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the story, Brent's parents unknowingly sabotage Brent's life. Give examples of their well meaning actions that have failed to benefit Brent.

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