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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the final entry in Tony's journal about his vacation?

2. What does Brent feel is missing in his life?

3. What is just beginning after Tony finishes his journal writing?

4. Which musician is Lea?

5. What does Brent study during breaks from building the third whirligig?

Short Essay Questions

1. Emil makes a comment to Brent that his father had told him that teachers live forever through their students. When Brent hears this, what person in his past comes to mind? What do her words mean to Brent at the time she speaks to him? What realization has Emil's sharing brought to Brent?

2. Which whirligig is at Tony's summer campground? How does Tony feel about the whirligig?

3. How is dinner at the hostel different from Brent's dinner at home with his parents?

4. Describe the wooden band whirligig. How does it move in the wind?

5. What effect do her parents' actions concerning their Jewish heritage have on Jenny?

6. Why is it easy for Brent to interact with the children as he builds the whirligig?

7. Describe Jenny's feelings towards Grandma.

8. What does Grandma know at the beginning of the journey that Jenny does not know? What makes the ride even more poignant with Jenny?

9. About what do the children warn Brent regarding the location of the wooden band whirligig?

10. Why does Brent enjoy returning to the Sand Dollar Cafe?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare/contrast the evening's activities at the youth hostel with Brent's former activities with his parents at dinner. Why is it significant that Brent sees this kind of interaction?

Essay Topic 2

Brent is forever changed after the automobile accident. Describe the old Brent as a person? How has he changed physically, mentally, and spiritually?

Essay Topic 3

What does Mrs. Zamora hope to gain from Brent's restitution? Has this goal been achieved? Why or why not?

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