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Short Answer Questions

1. At what kind of restaurant does Grandma tell Jenny to stop?

2. In Chapter 6, what is the fifth grade teacher's name?

3. Why does Brent like being in Texas?

4. What color are practically all of Grandma's shoes?

5. Why does Tony laugh at his last entry?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Brent and Emil spend a day together just relaxing. Compare/contrast this day with a day potentially spent with Emil before the accident. Include details of their activities for support.

Essay Topic 2

Explore the statement, "Mr. Mintz is a very wise teacher." Use Mr. Mintz's whirligig analogy for support.

Essay Topic 3

At the beginning of the book, Brent's self-worth is based on material things.

1) Provide details about Brent's behavior that support the above statement.

2) Discuss aspects of Brent's family life which could have precipitated his false value system.

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