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Short Answer Questions

1. What song does Brent teach himself to play?

2. Who is Deborah?

3. What is Grandma's first language?

4. What is Grandma wearing at the beginning of Chapter 8?

5. At the beginning of Chapter 8, where is Jenny?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Tony finally write in his journal? What does he do to emphasize the truth in his entry?

2. In Chapter 6, what task has the fifth grade teacher assigned that is difficult for her student Tony? Why is the assignment so hard?

3. Describe Jenny's feelings towards Grandma.

4. Why does Brent refuse to use the Visa card which his parents have given him for the trip? What does this say about his new sense of responsibility?

5. Which whirligig is at Tony's summer campground? How does Tony feel about the whirligig?

6. What has Tony failed to do that lands him in trouble with Mr. Mintz?

7. Why does Brent enjoy returning to the Sand Dollar Cafe?

8. Up until this point in his life, Brent has never had any interests other than looking cool. What new interests are now filling Brent's spare time? What role models have helped him establish these other interests?

9. Describe the wooden band whirligig. How does it move in the wind?

10. About what do the children warn Brent regarding the location of the wooden band whirligig?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

1) Discuss in detail at least three instances where Brent blames others for his own mistakes.

2) Explore how Brent could have saved himself a lot of unnecessary pain by taking ownership of his actions in each of the three incidents.

Essay Topic 2

Identify the new talents that Brent has acquired since leaving Chicago. Discuss how Brent might use each talent to have a positive influence on as many lives as possible.

Essay Topic 3

In Chapter 6, Tony is a mischievous little fifth grader. Discuss Tony's sense of humor and how he uses it to make the best of a bad situation.

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