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Short Answer Questions

1. What musicians are represented on the third whirligig?

2. Why does Tony's mom let him quit taking violin lessons?

3. Why does Brent like being in Texas?

4. After finishing his journal entry, where does Tony look?

5. In Chapter 5, when Brent enters a dining room, who fills him with envy?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 6, what task has the fifth grade teacher assigned that is difficult for her student Tony? Why is the assignment so hard?

2. Why is it easy for Brent to interact with the children as he builds the whirligig?

3. What does the whale whirligig represent to Grandma?

4. Emil makes a comment to Brent that his father had told him that teachers live forever through their students. When Brent hears this, what person in his past comes to mind? What do her words mean to Brent at the time she speaks to him? What realization has Emil's sharing brought to Brent?

5. Why does Brent enjoy returning to the Sand Dollar Cafe?

6. Where does the drive take Jenny and Grandma?

7. How is dinner at the hostel different from Brent's dinner at home with his parents?

8. What are some of Jenny's parents' actions that lead them away from their Jewish heritage? Why do they try to forget their roots?

9. How does the boy's interest in the whirligig affect Brent?

10. As Brent steps into the hostel's dining hall, he sees a bearded man playing a concertina for the guests. Why does Brent admire this man? What is Brent thinking as he watches the bearded man entertain?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

After hearing Brent's story, the artist tells Brent that everyone makes mistakes, and he is forgiven. Discuss why this is an important moment in Brent's life. How will this moment affect Brent's dealings with other people?

Essay Topic 2

Develop an analogy based on the changes which Brent experiences throughout the book.

Essay Topic 3

After two men try to steal his backpack, Brent realizes why animals live in herds. How is this thought analogous to Flaco's thought about the shearwater bird? Describe the connection between Brent, Flaco, and the wooden band whirligig.

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