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Short Answer Questions

1. According to Alexandra, what kind of book can help Stephanie find a boyfriend?

2. Who is Stephanie's boyfriend at the end of Chapter 2?

3. What is the man's nickname?

4. From where is the man?

5. With which Hollywood star does Stephanie compare herself?

Short Essay Questions

1. What pointers does Alexandra give Steph for attracting boys?

2. The two girls are headed out to the point near Pam McQuillen's. Alexandra is taking Steph there because she thinks that it is way past the time for Steph to have a boyfriend. 1) Give five reasons why Alexandra insists that Steph goes along with her plan. 2) Why is Steph not thrilled about this adventure?

3. Why is the Lea's whirligig so important to Mrs. Zamora?

4. When the two girls reach the point, a whirligig with a woman's head on top is mounted on a pole at the edge of a cliff. What is the significance of the whirligig's location? How does this relate to the two girls?

5. What is "ouija walking?" Who invents it? How does this exemplify the inventor's personality?

6. What are the specific tasks that Brent must perform for restitution? How does he react to the request?

7. How does Steph honor the whirligig? How does she honor Alexandra? Why would honoring the whirligig and her best friend be important to Steph?

8. Summarize the transition from Brent's suicide attempt in Chapter 1 to the two friends' whirligig adventure in Chapter 2. What is the significance of the transition?

9. How does Brent spend the hours right before the party?

10. How does Brent react to Lea's mother's recollection of her daughter's death?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Whirligigs affect people of all ages in the book. Select two characters who are from different generations and describe how their individual experience with a whirligig is unique to their age.

Essay Topic 2

What does Mrs. Zamora hope to gain from Brent's restitution? Has this goal been achieved? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

At the beginning of the book, Brent's self-worth is based on material things.

1) Provide details about Brent's behavior that support the above statement.

2) Discuss aspects of Brent's family life which could have precipitated his false value system.

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