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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Brent realize about the song which he teaches himself to play?
(a) It is a lament.
(b) It is a very difficult song to play.
(c) It is a cheerful song.
(d) It is a lonely song.

2. What nationality is Tony?
(a) German.
(b) Korean.
(c) Dutch.
(d) French.

3. Who is Deborah?
(a) An unexpected visitor.
(b) Grandma's caregiver.
(c) Jenny's mother.
(d) Grandma's other granddaughter.

4. At the beginning of Chapter 8, where is Jenny?
(a) Driving her grandmother to the store.
(b) At the beach.
(c) On a bus ride.
(d) Alone in the house with her grandmother.

5. Who has a voice that makes Tony's mom's fillings ache?
(a) The Yankees' sports announcer.
(b) Tony.
(c) The teacher.
(d) Bob Barker.

6. What is just beginning after Tony finishes his journal writing?
(a) Lunch.
(b) The pregame show.
(c) Recess.
(d) The Price Is Right.

7. In what setting does Brent go about building the third whirligig in Chapter 7?
(a) Near a boarded up ice cream shop.
(b) On a beach next to a sand dune.
(c) Near a cottage on a deserted beach road.
(d) On a pier near the ocean.

8. What does Grandma survive in her youth?
(a) Scarlet fever.
(b) A car accident.
(c) The Holocaust.
(d) The Korean War.

9. What has Jenny's parents tried to put behind them?
(a) Poland and Hitler.
(b) The teachings of the Torah.
(c) Christmas celebrations.
(d) Their Hebrew language.

10. Whom does Brent sit beside in the dining hall?
(a) Two Canadian cyclists.
(b) An older, bearded gentlemen.
(c) An eighteen year old German student.
(d) An attractive eighteen year old French girl.

11. What does Brent feel is missing in his life?
(a) Motivation and direction.
(b) Friends and family.
(c) Skills and interests.
(d) Faith and hope.

12. After finishing his journal entry, where does Tony look?
(a) At the clock.
(b) At his radio cord.
(c) At the blackboard.
(d) At his math book.

13. What song does Brent teach himself to play?
(a) "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean."
(b) "Amazing Grace."
(c) "Good Day Sunshine."
(d) "Take Me Out to the Ball Game."

14. What does Brent study during breaks from building the third whirligig?
(a) A math textbook.
(b) A star guide.
(c) A woodworker's manual.
(d) A history book.

15. What musicians are represented on the third whirligig?
(a) A drummer and a trumpet player.
(b) A cellist, a harpist, and a pianist.
(c) A saxophone player, a trumpet player, a guitarist.
(d) A drummer, a trumpet player, a clarinet player, and a trombone player.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who/what is Brent's sole company as he works on the next whiligig?

2. What does Brent see as he enters the El Paso bus station?

3. At the end of Chapter 5, whom does Brent serenade?

4. In Chapter 8, what serves as Brent's alarm clock on the beach?

5. What meaning does the whale whirligig have for Grandma?

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