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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Grandma refuse to admit about her health?
(a) She is senile.
(b) She needs a hearing aid.
(c) She is near death.
(d) She is unable to walk.

2. Why does Brent like being in Texas?
(a) He likes the Dallas Cowboys.
(b) No one knows him there.
(c) He likes reading about the history of Texas.
(d) He remembers vacationing there as a child.

3. What nationality is Tony?
(a) French.
(b) Korean.
(c) Dutch.
(d) German.

4. Where does Brent stay when he arrives at his destination?
(a) A campground.
(b) A youth hostel.
(c) A Dutch family's home.
(d) The Sheraton.

5. What does Brent realize about the song which he teaches himself to play?
(a) It is a cheerful song.
(b) It is a lonely song.
(c) It is a lament.
(d) It is a very difficult song to play.

6. What is the final entry in Tony's journal about his vacation?
(a) "The summer was wonderful."
(b) "The summer turned out to be pretty good."
(c) "The summer was pritty wonderful."
(d) "The summer turned out to be pritty good."

7. Grandma puts on a dress made of what material?
(a) Wool.
(b) Cotton.
(c) Seersucker.
(d) Polyester.

8. Why does Grandma ask Jenny to stop in the middle of a street?
(a) To look at roses in a yard.
(b) To look at a birch tree.
(c) To pick up a lost dog.
(d) To let a bicyclist pass.

9. What is Grandma wearing at the beginning of Chapter 8?
(a) A pink nightgown.
(b) A purple robe.
(c) A navy dress.
(d) A red hat.

10. What does Brent feel is missing in his life?
(a) Friends and family.
(b) Skills and interests.
(c) Faith and hope.
(d) Motivation and direction.

11. As Brent walks down a street in El Paso, whom does he encounter with tweezerlike eyes?
(a) A homeless man.
(b) A street vendor.
(c) A street preacher.
(d) A fleeing robber.

12. At the end of Chapter 5, whom does Brent serenade?
(a) Emil.
(b) Himself.
(c) Lea.
(d) A lost dog.

13. What is just beginning after Tony finishes his journal writing?
(a) The pregame show.
(b) The Price Is Right.
(c) Recess.
(d) Lunch.

14. Who has a voice that makes Tony's mom's fillings ache?
(a) The Yankees' sports announcer.
(b) The teacher.
(c) Tony.
(d) Bob Barker.

15. As Chapter 5 begins, what city is Brent's next destination?
(a) San Diego.
(b) San Francisco.
(c) Los Angeles.
(d) Miami.

Short Answer Questions

1. What instrument does Tony play?

2. In Chapter 6, what is the fifth grade teacher's name?

3. Which musician is Lea?

4. What meaning does the whale whirligig have for Grandma?

5. What musicians are represented on the third whirligig?

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