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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Brent go after he leaves the dining hall?
(a) The San Diego Zoo.
(b) A video store.
(c) A nearby golf range.
(d) The Golden Gate Bridge.

2. Why is Brent filled with envy when he enters the dining room?
(a) He envies the storyteller's ease with words.
(b) He envies the family's sharing dinner leisurely.
(c) He envies the young man's obvious success.
(d) He envies the man's ability to entertain himself and others.

3. What instrument does Tony play?
(a) The tuba.
(b) The accordion.
(c) The violin.
(d) The piano.

4. Who is Trish?
(a) A maid at the motel.
(b) A desk clerk at the motel.
(c) A tour guide at the motel.
(d) A guest at the motel.

5. What does Brent do calm his frustrations?
(a) He plays the harmonica.
(b) He walks on the beach.
(c) He writes letters to his parents.
(d) He hums to himself.

6. In Chapter 5, when Brent enters a dining room, who fills him with envy?
(a) A young man dressed in a business suit.
(b) A bearded man playing a concertina.
(c) A smiling family having dinner.
(d) A story teller who is surrounded by youngsters.

7. What does Grandma refuse to admit about her health?
(a) She is near death.
(b) She is senile.
(c) She is unable to walk.
(d) She needs a hearing aid.

8. What is the temperature that is displayed on the sign outside the station?
(a) 109 degrees.
(b) 98 degrees.
(c) 75 degrees.
(d) 32 degrees.

9. What does Brent see as he enters the El Paso bus station?
(a) A lost puppy.
(b) A picture of Lea.
(c) A picture of himself on a "Wanted" poster.
(d) A picture of a missing child.

10. What nationality is Tony?
(a) German.
(b) Dutch.
(c) French.
(d) Korean.

11. As Brent walks down a street in El Paso, whom does he encounter with tweezerlike eyes?
(a) A homeless man.
(b) A street preacher.
(c) A fleeing robber.
(d) A street vendor.

12. What is the final entry in Tony's journal about his vacation?
(a) "The summer was pritty wonderful."
(b) "The summer turned out to be pritty good."
(c) "The summer turned out to be pretty good."
(d) "The summer was wonderful."

13. What does Grandma wear on her head for the drive?
(a) A baseball cap.
(b) A wig from the Eisenhower era.
(c) A purple hat to match her dress.
(d) A beautiful silk scarf.

14. What musicians are represented on the third whirligig?
(a) A cellist, a harpist, and a pianist.
(b) A drummer and a trumpet player.
(c) A drummer, a trumpet player, a clarinet player, and a trombone player.
(d) A saxophone player, a trumpet player, a guitarist.

15. Why does Tony laugh at his last entry?
(a) He knows that he is lying.
(b) He knows that he will not be graded on the entry anyway.
(c) He remembers a funny joke he has played on his sister during vacation.
(d) He has misspelled "pretty" because spelling does not count.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tony write about his vacation?

2. What is just beginning after Tony finishes his journal writing?

3. Grandma puts on a dress made of what material?

4. What song does Brent teach himself to play?

5. Which musician is Lea?

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