Whirligig Short Essay - Answer Key

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Short Essay Questions Key

1. How does Brent spend the hours right before the party?

Brent spends the hours before the party playing video games. He also dines with his family as they watch the evening news. Finally, he gets dressed for the party.

2. What is Brent's primary focus as he dresses for the party? Support with details.

Brent's primary focus as he dresses for the party is how to dress to impress all of the other guests. It is important for him to wear appropriate clothes so that he will not be laughed at. He even checks to be sure that his gold earring is in the left ear, which is the acceptable ear for Chicago.

3. Upon arriving to pickup Jonathan for the party, what does Brent instantly regret as Jonathan comes out of the house? Why?

When Jonathan comes out of the house to get into the car, Brent regrets wearing his khakis because Jonathan is dressed in jeans and a Cubs cap that is placed backwards on his head.

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