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The Montfort School

This object gives Brent Bishop the illusion of family wealth.

Brent's Sentence

This includes alcohol counseling, therapy for depression, and volunteer service.


This is decided in a meeting with the court mediator, Brent, his parents, and Mrs. Zamora present.

The Whirligig Book

Brent finds this object on Wabash Avenue.

Ouija Walking

Alexandra is the inventor of this object.

Lea's First Whirligig

This object, made by a grandfather, has been in a yard for many years.

Photograph of Lea Rosalia Santos Zamora

This object is given to Brent by a mother.

The Whirligig in Seattle, Washington

This object is originally an angel with a harp.

The Whirligig in San Diego, California

This object has the image of a mermaid at the top.

The Whirligig in Beale Beach, Florida

This object has the image of a band, signifying family.

The Whirligig in Weeksboro, Maine

This object...

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