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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1, Party Time)


Chapter 1, Party Time

As the story opens, a glimpse of Brent Bishop's family dynamics is given. The objective of this lesson is to focus on the superficial home life that surrounds Brent.


1) Class Discussion: After Brent is called to dinner, he arrives downstairs to find his parents already at the kitchen table. His father is watching the evening news while eating. How does Brent judge his father's moods? What does this say about the communication between Brent and his parents?

2) Writing Assignment: Write two to three paragraphs exploring the events that have occurred since the family's move from Chicago. Have these events had a positive effect on Brent's family? Have the events facilitated a closer relationship between Brent and his parents? Why or why not?

3) Group Discussion: Brent's mother always places the television remote to the right of Mr. Bishop's fork at the kitchen table...

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