Whirligig Fun Activities

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Dream Machine Ad!

Create an ad for your favorite automobile. Include a picture with a vivid description of your dream machine. You may use online resources for pictures and details.

Awesome Threads!

Create a picture of Brent Bishop dressed to the tens in his designer wear.

Winds of Change

Construct a whirligig based on the book's descriptions. Give the whirligig its own special name which reflects its own energy throughout eternity.

In the Life of a Whirligig

Write a journal entry that might have been written by the whirligig on the day that Alexandra and Steph visit the cliff.

Word Whomp with Whirligigs

Using the letters in the word "whirligigs," make as many words as possible. The words must contain at least 3 letters, and the words cannot be foreign or abbreviations.

Silly Similes

Write at least three silly similes comparing whirligigs to people.

Example: Whirligigs are like pilots...

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