Whirligig Character Descriptions

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Brent Bishop

This is the main character of the story who creates alternate pasts and tries desperately to fit in with peers.

Lea Rosalia Santos Zamora

This eighteen year old honor student was accidentally killed by another's unsuccessful suicide attempt.

Jonathan Kovitz

This character dresses inappropriately after forgetting the color theme for a party.


This character hosts an eleventh grade class party that has a black and white color theme.


This character gives another character a humiliating scolding at the eleventh grade party.


This character is an eighth grade student who believes in guided imagery since it has been helpful in their scoring high on an algebra test.


This character is an eighth grade student who loves science and doubts guided imagery.

Mrs. Tamara Zamora

This character believes that everything in the universe happens for a reason.

Miss Gill

This character is a soft-spoken...

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