The Whipping Boy Fun Activities

Sid Fleischman
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Create the prince's crown

The prince takes his crown with him in the basket when he runs away. The outlaws then find the crown and take it from the prince. Create a 3-D model of the prince's crown. Consider what the crown would be made of, what color(s) it might be, what jewels and designs would be used, etc.

Create a routine for Petunia

Petunia is Betsy's dancing bear, which she is taking to perform at the fair when Jemmy and the prince meet her. At the end of the story, the king decides to keep the bear at the castle for entertainment. Create and write a routine for Petunia to perform either at the fair or at the castle.

Create a diorama

There are several significant and key scenes in the story. Choose a key scene from the book and create a diorama depicting the scene...

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