The Whipping Boy Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Sid Fleischman
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Chapter 1

• The story opens at the king's grand feast. Prince Brat causes mischief and ties all of the men's wigs to their chairs so when they stand up, the wigs fall off.

• The king sees the prince laughing at this and calls in the whipping boy, Jemmy, to receive the prince's punishment.

• The whipping boy receives all 20 whacks the king has ordered and does not make a sound while enduring the whacks.

• The prince is angered because Jemmy does not make any noise and threatens to turn Jemmy back out onto the streets if he does not squeal and cry next time he receives a whipping.

• Jemmy sees the prince's threat as an opportunity to return to his old life, so he decides not to cry the next time he is whipped.

Chapter 2

• The prince attends lessons in the morning with Master Peckwith, and Jemmy knows to be...

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