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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do some of these European Muslims hate the terrorists?
(a) They fear them.
(b) They make life difficult.
(c) The terrorists defamed their religion and their culture.
(d) They are an embarrassment to Islam.

2. Many children endure what abuse in school?
(a) Muslim.
(b) Sexual.
(c) Racial.
(d) Emotional.

3. Why were the Social Democrats not protecting these people?
(a) They did not know how to protect them.
(b) They did not have the means of protecting them.
(c) They were afraid to protect them.
(d) It was politically incorrect to do so.

4. How do Muslims deal with non-Muslims?
(a) They ignore them.
(b) They worship them.
(c) They ostracize non-Muslims and call them infidels.
(d) They fear them.

5. The establishment's response was to do what?
(a) Rework the terms of the constitution.
(b) Forget the constitution.
(c) Continue trying with the constitution.
(d) Rewrite the constitution.

Short Answer Questions

1. She knew that Social Democrats were big on protecting who?

2. Pim Fortuyn, born in 1948, was the leader of what movement in Europe?

3. After death threats, Hirsi moved to the U.S. for a few years but returned to Europe to do what?

4. A Muslim assailant in Paris stabbed a Jewish boy to death yelling, "God is great." What did the Paris officials do?

5. Europe treated Arafat, Palestine's most beloved leader, as a second _________, despite all of the hate that he preached and all of his people that he impoverished while accepting European aid.

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did the Netherlands not protect their Jews?

2. Who fought the norm in Denmark? What were the results of their actions?

3. What happened to London? What was Prime Minister Tony Blair's response? How was Europe affected by this?

4. What did Denmark do for its Jews during World War II?

5. How are Muslims a problem in schools?

6. Who was Pim Fortuyn? What were his beliefs?

7. What was the major trend in Europe?

8. What was the establishment's response to the public's dislike of their constitution?

9. How does the author end the book?

10. What proof does the author give that anti-Semitism in France is spreading like an epidemic?

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