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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Prime Minister __________ had had enough.
(a) Niceto Alcal√°-Zamora.
(b) Dag Terje Andersen.
(c) Tony Blair.
(d) Nicolas Sarkozy.

2. The Danes were taking steps in the right direction, but its media and educated members of society were still big on what?
(a) Censorship and walking the line of political correctness.
(b) Protecting their Jews.
(c) Telling the truth about terrorism.
(d) Supporting the U.S.

3. Why do many Europeans not believe that they can help the poor through trade?
(a) They believe that wealth creates poverty.
(b) They believe that wealth creates wealth.
(c) They do not believe that wealth creates poverty.
(d) They do not believe that wealth creates wealth.

4. A week after the elections in Spain, Israel assassinated Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, who was the founder of the terrorist group _________.
(a) National Liberation Army.
(b) Armed Islamic Group.
(c) Al Qaeda.
(d) Hamas.

5. He approached his people in a fashion similar to whom?
(a) President Washington.
(b) President Clinton.
(c) President Kennedy.
(d) President Bush.

Short Answer Questions

1. Brix and Hedegaard wrote a book titled what?

2. Europeans remain convinced that the Jews are the __________ that needed to be stopped.

3. Europe needs to fight against whom?

4. After death threats, Hirsi moved to the U.S. for a few years but returned to Europe to do what?

5. When the European Union tried to get its constitution out, the people showed up in large numbers to do what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happened to London? What was Prime Minister Tony Blair's response? How was Europe affected by this?

2. Why might it be a problem if Europe wanted to switch to an American style economy?

3. What was the establishment's response to the public's dislike of their constitution?

4. Why did the Netherlands not protect their Jews?

5. What did Hirsi write? Describe this.

6. Why did Baum want to keep up with Dutch issues?

7. What was the major trend in Europe?

8. What proof does the author give that anti-Semitism in France is spreading like an epidemic?

9. What do many European authorities believe about Muslim attacks on Jews?

10. How are Muslims a problem in schools?

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