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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do some of these European Muslims hate the terrorists?
(a) The terrorists defamed their religion and their culture.
(b) They are an embarrassment to Islam.
(c) They fear them.
(d) They make life difficult.

2. A week after the elections in Spain, Israel assassinated Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, who was the founder of the terrorist group _________.
(a) Al Qaeda.
(b) National Liberation Army.
(c) Hamas.
(d) Armed Islamic Group.

3. According to the author, European countries are using the Muslims to do what?
(a) Lower to population.
(b) Work the jobs no one else wants.
(c) Get rid of their Jews.
(d) Create fear in the European community.

4. The Dutch approach to immigration and integration was what approach?
(a) "If you can't follow the rules, don't live here."
(b) "Do your thing and let me do mine."
(c) "Either you're Dutch, or you're not."
(d) "Let's work together."

5. Is a Jew ever seen as being a European?
(a) Yes.
(b) No.
(c) Usually.
(d) Sometimes.

Short Answer Questions

1. After moving to Oslo, Baum made sure he kept up with _________ issues.

2. After death threats, Hirsi moved to the U.S. for a few years but returned to Europe to do what?

3. Many children endure what abuse in school?

4. The Denmark writers' organization was about free speech, as long as it _________ the important issues in the world.

5. Anti-Americanism in Europe is so deep and intense that they often reminisce of what time?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happened with the European Union tried to get its constitution out?

2. Describe Avaan Hirsi Ali.

3. What do many European authorities believe about Muslim attacks on Jews?

4. Why might it be a problem if Europe wanted to switch to an American style economy?

5. How do Western European nations feel about helping the poor?

6. How does the author end the book?

7. How are Muslims a problem in schools?

8. Why does the author believe the U.S. will support Western Europe in protecting its freedom?

9. What happened to Van Gogh? How did others react to this?

10. What did Denmark do for its Jews during World War II?

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