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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Europe treated Arafat, Palestine's most beloved leader, as a second _________, despite all of the hate that he preached and all of his people that he impoverished while accepting European aid.
(a) Buddha.
(b) King David.
(c) Gandhi.
(d) Jesus.

2. Olaf Gersemann, a German writer, tried to break the stereotypes that Europeans have towards Americans by writing a book called what?
(a) American Capitalism.
(b) United Capitalism.
(c) Colonial Capitalism.
(d) Cowboy Capitalism.

3. Ayaan Hirsi Ali was a young Somalian woman living where?
(a) The Netherlands.
(b) Spain.
(c) England.
(d) France.

4. Despite the fact that the German economy was growing, what was rising?
(a) Population growth and high unemployment.
(b) Low population growth and high unemployment.
(c) Population growth and high employment.
(d) Low population growth and high employment.

5. She worked closely with _____________ who directed the film and Submission aired on Dutch TV.
(a) Johann Van Gogh.
(b) Vincent Van Gogh.
(c) Theo Van Gogh.
(d) Nigel Van Gogh.

6. Why did the Netherlands not protect their Jews and their belongings?
(a) They thought they could protect themselves.
(b) They did not realize the seriousness of the situation.
(c) It is hard for a Dutch person to accept another non-ethnic Dutch native, as a Dutch.
(d) They could not afford to protect them.

7. The German government works hard to make sure that its people never forget what?
(a) They are poor.
(b) They are Europeans.
(c) They are German.
(d) The Holocaust.

8. Weeks after the film debut, what happened to its director?
(a) He was exiled.
(b) He moved to the U.S. fearing for his life.
(c) He was butchered on an Amsterdam street.
(d) He was threatened.

9. Brix and Hedegaard wrote a book titled what?
(a) In the House of the Devil: Islam's Colonization of the West.
(b) In the House of Allah: Islam's War Against the West.
(c) In the House of War: Islam's Colonization of the West.
(d) In the House of Allah: Islam's Colonization of the West.

10. She wrote a film called _____________.
(a) Being Muslim.
(b) Submission.
(c) Allah.
(d) Women.

11. They worked hard to protect their country from the sea with what?
(a) Walls and dams.
(b) Nets and walls.
(c) Dykes and walls.
(d) Dykes and dams.

12. Why were the Social Democrats not protecting these people?
(a) It was politically incorrect to do so.
(b) They were afraid to protect them.
(c) They did not know how to protect them.
(d) They did not have the means of protecting them.

13. The terrorists that bombed Madrid wanted the people to vote for ___________ and not for Aznar because Aznar was for the Iraq war and wouldn't pull the troops out.
(a) Bustelo.
(b) Zapatero.
(c) Márquez.
(d) López.

14. Who were the weakest people in the Netherlands?
(a) Native Dutch.
(b) Muslims.
(c) Muslim women.
(d) Women.

15. Countries that have adopted the liberal democracy, like Britain and Ireland, have _____________.
(a) Stayed the same.
(b) Suffered.
(c) Prospered.
(d) Improved a little.

Short Answer Questions

1. After 9/11 Muslims in ___________ applauded the attacks, celebrating in the streets and calling on a holy war of their society as well.

2. On July 7th, 2005, what happened?

3. Johan Galtung is a Scandinavian man and known as the "______________ of the international peace studies movement."

4. What was the major trend in Western Europe?

5. He disproved myth after myth and showed that Europe's high-tax society was _______________ the American liberal democracy.

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