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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Did the people want to accept the terms of the constitution?
(a) Yes.
(b) Mostly.
(c) Almost.
(d) No.

2. Despite the fact that the German economy was growing, what was rising?
(a) Population growth and high employment.
(b) Population growth and high unemployment.
(c) Low population growth and high unemployment.
(d) Low population growth and high employment.

3. Why do some of these European Muslims hate the terrorists?
(a) The terrorists defamed their religion and their culture.
(b) They make life difficult.
(c) They fear them.
(d) They are an embarrassment to Islam.

4. After moving to Oslo, Baum made sure he kept up with _________ issues.
(a) French.
(b) German.
(c) Swedish.
(d) Dutch.

5. The terrorists that bombed Madrid wanted the people to vote for ___________ and not for Aznar because Aznar was for the Iraq war and wouldn't pull the troops out.
(a) López.
(b) Bustelo.
(c) Márquez.
(d) Zapatero.

6. The Dutch still believe that __________ is a possible ideal, despite the fact that it does not work.
(a) Affirmative action.
(b) Separate but equal.
(c) A melting pot society.
(d) Equality.

7. Weeks after the film debut, what happened to its director?
(a) He was exiled.
(b) He was butchered on an Amsterdam street.
(c) He moved to the U.S. fearing for his life.
(d) He was threatened.

8. Pim Fortuyn, born in 1948, was the leader of what movement in Europe?
(a) The anti-American.
(b) The anti-Islamization.
(c) The pro-Islamization.
(d) The pro-Israeli.

9. This Prime Minister prohibited people from importing spouses, and people could not marry until they were at least _________, which gave women more chance to mature and choose their own destiny (at least this was the theory).
(a) 18.
(b) 20.
(c) 21.
(d) 24.

10. Western European nations believe that the best way to help the poor is by doing what?
(a) Praying for them.
(b) Letting them immigrate to Europe.
(c) Trading with poor nations.
(d) Pouring in aid into their countries.

11. Europe treated Arafat, Palestine's most beloved leader, as a second _________, despite all of the hate that he preached and all of his people that he impoverished while accepting European aid.
(a) Gandhi.
(b) King David.
(c) Buddha.
(d) Jesus.

12. Britain Home Secretary David Plunkett proposed a bill that would make it illegal to do what?
(a) Immigrate into the country.
(b) Practice Islam.
(c) Bother Muslims.
(d) Stir up religious hatred.

13. According to the author, European countries are using the Muslims to do what?
(a) Lower to population.
(b) Work the jobs no one else wants.
(c) Get rid of their Jews.
(d) Create fear in the European community.

14. It did _______ to change the cultural practices of the Muslims.
(a) Nothing.
(b) Much.
(c) Little.
(d) Some.

15. What was the major trend in Western Europe?
(a) Increasing alienation and violence.
(b) Increasing interest in aiding Muslim immigrants.
(c) Increasing support for Muslim regimes.
(d) Decreasing alienation and violence.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who were the weakest people in the Netherlands?

2. She wrote a film called _____________.

3. After 9/11 Muslims in ___________ applauded the attacks, celebrating in the streets and calling on a holy war of their society as well.

4. He was vilified by other Western European nations as what?

5. Olaf Gersemann, a German writer, tried to break the stereotypes that Europeans have towards Americans by writing a book called what?

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