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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. She wrote a film called _____________.
(a) Submission.
(b) Allah.
(c) Being Muslim.
(d) Women.

2. What was the major trend in Western Europe?
(a) Increasing alienation and violence.
(b) Increasing support for Muslim regimes.
(c) Decreasing alienation and violence.
(d) Increasing interest in aiding Muslim immigrants.

3. The establishment's response was to do what?
(a) Forget the constitution.
(b) Rework the terms of the constitution.
(c) Continue trying with the constitution.
(d) Rewrite the constitution.

4. The Denmark writers' organization was about free speech, as long as it _________ the important issues in the world.
(a) Focused.
(b) Mentioned.
(c) Ignored.
(d) Touched upon.

5. On ___________ terrorists attacked Madrid, Spain's capital.
(a) March 11th, 2002.
(b) March 11th, 2005.
(c) March 11th, 2003.
(d) March 11th, 2004.

6. Germans, and most Europeans, do not realize that freedom and prosperity are ________ the default condition of the human species.
(a) Always.
(b) Sometimes.
(c) Often.
(d) Not.

7. According to the author, European countries are using the Muslims to do what?
(a) Work the jobs no one else wants.
(b) Lower to population.
(c) Create fear in the European community.
(d) Get rid of their Jews.

8. For ______________ this country fought against intruders.
(a) Months.
(b) Decades.
(c) Centuries.
(d) Years.

9. Who were the weakest people in the Netherlands?
(a) Women.
(b) Muslims.
(c) Native Dutch.
(d) Muslim women.

10. Despite the fact that the German economy was growing, what was rising?
(a) Population growth and high unemployment.
(b) Low population growth and high employment.
(c) Low population growth and high unemployment.
(d) Population growth and high employment.

11. What did Hirsi want to do?
(a) Force all Muslims to leave the country.
(b) Encourage others to understand the Islamic faith.
(c) Curb immigration, stop the Islamic schools, and work harder to protect women's lives.
(d) Build Islamic centers.

12. Hirsi spoke how many languages with great ease?
(a) Three.
(b) Four.
(c) Six.
(d) Seven.

13. Now "they'd __________ to the very peril that would destroy them."
(a) Feared it.
(b) Stopped it.
(c) Turned a blind eye.
(d) Fought it.

14. The Social Democrats had gained control of Denmark and Prime Minister _________________ promised he would change immigration policies and invest in a solid integration packet.
(a) Conrad von Reventlow.
(b) Lars Løkke Rasmussen.
(c) Anders Fogh Rasmussen.
(d) Johann Friedrich Struensee.

15. Why were the Social Democrats not protecting these people?
(a) They did not know how to protect them.
(b) They were afraid to protect them.
(c) They did not have the means of protecting them.
(d) It was politically incorrect to do so.

Short Answer Questions

1. Two journalists who fought against the norm, Helle Merete Brix and Lars Hedegaard, were condoned for the freedom they took to write about Islam by the Danish chapter of ________.

2. Does it still matter who is, and who is not, a Jew in Europe?

3. What did Europeans want?

4. The terrorists that bombed Madrid wanted the people to vote for ___________ and not for Aznar because Aznar was for the Iraq war and wouldn't pull the troops out.

5. She worked closely with _____________ who directed the film and Submission aired on Dutch TV.

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