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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Galtung has received numerous awards and honorary degrees and has held several jobs with international agencies. He is the one that introduced the idea that all international conflict can be settled through what?
(a) E-mail.
(b) Isolationism.
(c) Dialogue.
(d) War.

2. Many people argue that America should just stand back and let the terrorists take over Western Europe. Why?
(a) It "serves 'em right."
(b) It "is what is best."
(c) They "must do this on their own."
(d) They "need to learn a lesson."

3. Two journalists who fought against the norm, Helle Merete Brix and Lars Hedegaard, were condoned for the freedom they took to write about Islam by the Danish chapter of ________.
(a) PIN.
(b) PEN.
(d) PENTA.

4. Why do some of these European Muslims hate the terrorists?
(a) They are an embarrassment to Islam.
(b) The terrorists defamed their religion and their culture.
(c) They make life difficult.
(d) They fear them.

5. What happened to Pim?
(a) He was assassinated for his views.
(b) He ran in the Presidential election in France.
(c) He died from a heart attack.
(d) He became the leader of Israel.

6. They worked hard to protect their country from the sea with what?
(a) Dykes and dams.
(b) Nets and walls.
(c) Dykes and walls.
(d) Walls and dams.

7. The officials make it sound like the abuse and prejudice goes both ways, that the Jews do the same to the Muslims. Is this true?
(a) Yes.
(b) Sometimes.
(c) Often.
(d) No.

8. The Dutch approach to immigration and integration was what approach?
(a) "Let's work together."
(b) "Either you're Dutch, or you're not."
(c) "Do your thing and let me do mine."
(d) "If you can't follow the rules, don't live here."

9. Who were the weakest people in the Netherlands?
(a) Native Dutch.
(b) Muslims.
(c) Women.
(d) Muslim women.

10. Countries that have adopted the liberal democracy, like Britain and Ireland, have _____________.
(a) Suffered.
(b) Prospered.
(c) Improved a little.
(d) Stayed the same.

11. The establishment's response was to do what?
(a) Forget the constitution.
(b) Rework the terms of the constitution.
(c) Continue trying with the constitution.
(d) Rewrite the constitution.

12. How do Muslims deal with non-Muslims?
(a) They fear them.
(b) They worship them.
(c) They ostracize non-Muslims and call them infidels.
(d) They ignore them.

13. Why did he keep up with these issues?
(a) Most of the Muslim immigrant population lived in this country.
(b) He saw them as the leaders in reform.
(c) He believed that integration issues would take a turning point there before any other place.
(d) He was originally from this country.

14. According to the author, European countries are using the Muslims to do what?
(a) Create fear in the European community.
(b) Work the jobs no one else wants.
(c) Lower to population.
(d) Get rid of their Jews.

15. Anti-Americanism in Europe is so deep and intense that they often reminisce of what time?
(a) When America was a colony.
(b) When America was attacked.
(c) When America was not so powerful.
(d) When America did not exist.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Denmark writers' organization was about free speech, as long as it _________ the important issues in the world.

2. Britain Home Secretary David Plunkett proposed a bill that would make it illegal to do what?

3. She worked closely with _____________ who directed the film and Submission aired on Dutch TV.

4. While the media and the establishment condemned the action, many Europeans, including more than ________ percent of Norwegians supported it showing that the common people wanted to preserve their liberty and have their voices heard.

5. What in France is spreading like an epidemic?

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