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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Despite all of this European confederation, and EU unity, most Europeans are _____________ one another's cultures.
(a) Interested in.
(b) Indifferent to.
(c) Unsure of.
(d) Jealous of.

2. Bawer searched for information about the Islamists in the Netherlands, and found mostly what?
(a) Fear about the two cultures living side by side.
(b) Instructions on how these two cultures can live side by side.
(c) Problems with the two cultures living side by side.
(d) Praise about the compatibility of the two cultures living side by side.

3. Bush was whose puppet, according to some Europeans?
(a) The American people's.
(b) His father's.
(c) The Muslim's.
(d) Israel's.

4. Both individuals and governments blamed the attack on what?
(a) Muslim power.
(b) Muslim Extremists.
(c) American imperialism.
(d) Fundamental Islam.

5. Why is corruption high in Muslim countries?
(a) They want to grab everything they can before it is gone.
(b) It is in their blood to be corrupt.
(c) They are very sneaky.
(d) They do not have morals.

6. According to the author, the ____________, Europe's version of the sixties generation shaped the political correctness that is the establishment today.
(a) 76ers.
(b) 68ers.
(c) 58ers.
(d) 49ers.

7. Europeans believed that Bush was just using the invasions to do what?
(a) Get attention.
(b) Fight his father's war.
(c) Get rich.
(d) Grab oil.

8. If a job opens up for a doctor or an educator, and a Muslim is exceedingly more qualified than ten of his or her European colleagues, the job will more likely go to whom?
(a) A European.
(b) The Muslim.
(c) A woman.
(d) An American.

9. What was the name of this man's autobiography?
(a) My Muhammad.
(b) Allah, in My Own Words.
(c) In My Own Words.
(d) My Life.

10. Someone in Norway created an e-mail petition called what?
(a) "Where Are You America?"
(b) "Help Us America!"
(c) "Good Bye America!"
(d) "Hello America!"

11. Who is vigilant to keep new Muslim immigrants on the Islam "straight and narrow?"
(a) The leaders of Muslim countries.
(b) Religious leaders.
(c) European leaders.
(d) Muslim communities.

12. There is a clear difference between American and European _________________.
(a) Speaking.
(b) Dressing.
(c) Driving.
(d) Thinking.

13. He writes that he had never felt more ______________ and being in Europe made him see that America and Europe were the heartland of democracy and both were at war with a common enemy that threatened the West.
(a) Swedish.
(b) European.
(c) American.
(d) Norwegian.

14. As the days went by, Europeans lashed out their sentiments against Americans, stating what?
(a) They attacked the Muslims.
(b) They attacked themselves.
(c) They deserved the attacks.
(d) They had brought the attacks upon themselves.

15. Some believe France will be the first Western European nation that will reach what?
(a) A point when they stop letting in immigrants.
(b) A decision to create immigration laws.
(c) A majority Muslim population.
(d) A majority African population.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Norwegians were heavily populated with what?

2. In what are these Muslims leaders?

3. The narrator and his partner move to _____________________ on April 1, 1999.

4. Bawer is convinced that what will eventually take place between Islamic fundamentalism and European liberalism?

5. Some who are actually European born have moved back to their native countries but continue to receive what?

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