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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the establishment allow the phenomena of wife beating, dumping, honor killing, sexual inequality, segregation and forced marriage?
(a) In order to allow religious freedoms.
(b) They do not allow it.
(c) In order to live "peacefully" in a multicultural society.
(d) In order to show respect to Muslims.

2. Someone in Norway created an e-mail petition called what?
(a) "Help Us America!"
(b) "Hello America!"
(c) "Where Are You America?"
(d) "Good Bye America!"

3. Bawer learns from a friend in the Netherlands that Muslim radicals are terrorizing and murdering who?
(a) Everyone.
(b) Any writer who writes negative information about the Muslim culture/religion.
(c) European politicians who speak out against Islam.
(d) Muslim children.

4. Bawer searched for information about the Islamists in the Netherlands, and found mostly what?
(a) Problems with the two cultures living side by side.
(b) Praise about the compatibility of the two cultures living side by side.
(c) Instructions on how these two cultures can live side by side.
(d) Fear about the two cultures living side by side.

5. The similarities between Norwegians and the Dutch were ______________ their differences.
(a) The same as.
(b) Similar to.
(c) More than.
(d) Less than.

6. Both individuals and governments blamed the attack on what?
(a) Muslim power.
(b) American imperialism.
(c) Fundamental Islam.
(d) Muslim Extremists.

7. The narrator believes that the European attitude has created what?
(a) A culture of uneducated and delusional men and women.
(b) A healthy culture.
(c) An imbalanced culture.
(d) A culture of ideological dualism.

8. Did any European countries support Bush's invasion of Iraq?
(a) Yes, some.
(b) Yes, very few.
(c) No, none.
(d) Yes, all of them.

9. Despite all of this European confederation, and EU unity, most Europeans are _____________ one another's cultures.
(a) Jealous of.
(b) Interested in.
(c) Indifferent to.
(d) Unsure of.

10. Immigrant Muslims take advantage of ________________________ of the European community.
(a) The conservative spending.
(b) The wealth.
(c) The liberal social spending.
(d) The poorly-run programs.

11. Europeans believed that Bush was just using the invasions to do what?
(a) Fight his father's war.
(b) Get attention.
(c) Grab oil.
(d) Get rich.

12. Americans are ____________________ about things.
(a) Not worried.
(b) Impractical and unrealistic.
(c) Practical and realistic.
(d) Unsure.

13. Those Muslims who live in Europe are constantly augmented by new immigrants from Arab countries, who re-infuse what?
(a) Enthusiasm for European ideals.
(b) Enthusiasm for strict Islamic beliefs.
(c) Enthusiams for European pop culture.
(d) Distrust in strict Islamci beliefs.

14. Most Eastern Europeans supported what?
(a) The Muslim attacks on the U.S.
(b) The Western European views.
(c) The United States invasion of Afghanistan.
(d) The United States invasion of Eastern Europe.

15. What did this Muslim leader call 9/11?
(a) A surprise.
(b) A gift from God.
(c) A mistake.
(d) A great disaster.

Short Answer Questions

1. As the days went by, Europeans lashed out their sentiments against Americans, stating what?

2. When this Muslim leader would walk the streets, Norwegians who recognized him did what?

3. Europeans assumed that any immigrants would eventually "melt" into the general culture of the country in which they settle. Is this is true of fundamental Muslims?

4. Radical, fundamental Muslims are taking advantage of what?

5. Why was the Lindh foundation established?

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