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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1 pp 35-51.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Part of the cultural difference between Americans and the Dutch, and other Europeans is that the Europeans tend to be ___________________, compared the the Americans who are more judgmental about differences.
(a) Angry and violent.
(b) Relaxed and passive.
(c) Judgmental.
(d) Nervous and intimidated.

2. Europeans assumed that any immigrants would eventually "melt" into the general culture of the country in which they settle. Is this is true of fundamental Muslims?
(a) No, because they still retain their restrictive ways of living.
(b) No, because they do not speak the language.
(c) Yes.
(d) No, because the do not have the money.

3. Why is the media so one-sided?
(a) Because the government funds it.
(b) Because they fear the people.
(c) Because they do not trust the government.
(d) Because they fear Muslim retaliation.

4. Why have Europeans not diverged from this view regarding the government?
(a) Because they know the government is very powerful.
(b) Because they view history as facts.
(c) Because they fear war.
(d) Because they view history as subjective.

5. For what do both the Dutch and Norwegians have a need?
(a) Immigrants.
(b) Political correctness.
(c) Support.
(d) Allies.

Short Answer Questions

1. The ______________________ attitude seems to Bawer to be a positive thing until he noticed the social effects of it.

2. What belief is cultivated in the Muslim culture?

3. Europeans see government as what?

4. When the narrator went to the police regarding the physical violence that took place against him, what did they do?

5. An Islamic person who participates in Western culture brings __________________ to his family and religion.

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