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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1 pp 51-75.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Norwegians were heavily populated with what?
(a) Jews.
(b) Muslims.
(c) Christians.
(d) Hindus.

2. Why does the establishment allow the phenomena of wife beating, dumping, honor killing, sexual inequality, segregation and forced marriage?
(a) In order to live "peacefully" in a multicultural society.
(b) In order to show respect to Muslims.
(c) They do not allow it.
(d) In order to allow religious freedoms.

3. Why is corruption high in Muslim countries?
(a) It is in their blood to be corrupt.
(b) They are very sneaky.
(c) They want to grab everything they can before it is gone.
(d) They do not have morals.

4. Muslim identity to a European is what?
(a) Their faith.
(b) The head scarf.
(c) A set of beliefs about living and dying that go against Western ideals.
(d) Their skin color, their food, and language.

5. Bawer searched for information about the Islamists in the Netherlands, and found mostly what?
(a) Instructions on how these two cultures can live side by side.
(b) Fear about the two cultures living side by side.
(c) Problems with the two cultures living side by side.
(d) Praise about the compatibility of the two cultures living side by side.

Short Answer Questions

1. Europeans see government as what?

2. Immigrant Muslims take advantage of ________________________ of the European community.

3. Part of the cultural difference between Americans and the Dutch, and other Europeans is that the Europeans tend to be ___________________, compared the the Americans who are more judgmental about differences.

4. What is "honor" killing?

5. According to Bawer, do countries such as Norway and Sweden assist new immigrants of non-white race to integrate into communities?

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