While Europe Slept Character Descriptions

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Bruce Bawer - This character is the writer and narrator of the book, WHILE EUROPE SLEPT.

Radical Muslims - This is the main topic of discussion in this book. These people are traditionalists, fundamentalists, and usually from very rural towns from the Middle East, and Northern Africa.

European Establishment - This is a group of highly educated people who are trained to think for and about the different European nations. They are a civilized group who have evolved to think that war is unnecessary when dialogue can be practiced instead.

Mullah Krekar - This character is an Iraqi Kurd guerrilla leader. He emigrated from Iraq to Norway as a refugee and later brought over his wife and family members and founded the Islamic Vision organization of radical Muslims.

Lin ilje Nilsen - This character is an historian who supports establishing a sharia court in Norway to protect...

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