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Part 1 pg 1-35

• The author moves the Amsterdam for a change from what he thought was a less-cultured America.

• Her beliefs about an urban Europe changed when he moved near a Muslim enclave and observed the severe abuse of Muslims.

• Radical Muslims terrorize those that write against Muslim culture and the Dutch government does not take these attacks seriously until after 9/11.

• Europeans tend to be passive, while Americans are more judgmental about differences; radical Muslims take advantage of European liberality.

• The author believes a clash between Islamic fundamentalism and European liberalism is inevitable.

• Muslims abuse the welfare system, with them making up only 5% of the population and 45% of the welfare outlays.

Part 1 pp 35-51

• When the author moves to Oslo, Norway April 11, 1999, he realizes the many similarities between the Dutch and Norwegians, including their need for political correctness.

• The author experienced prejudice from Muslims and received very little...

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