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Short Answer Questions

1. What name does the narrator's wife call him the last time they spoke?

2. How does Tiny fall at the beginning of the story?

3. What did the famous writer who lived near the facility die of?

4. How many children does the narrator's girlfriend have?

5. What causes blackouts, according to "the guy who travels"?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the proprietor tell the narrator and J.P. that Jack London was an alcoholic?

2. Why does the narrator use the term "drunk" instead of "alcoholic"?

3. Why does Roxy say yes to a date with J.P.?

4. Discuss how J.P.'s experience as a child in the well mirrors his experience as an adult alcoholic.

5. Give an example of hopefulness in the story.

6. How does J.P. act when he tells the story about his descent into alcoholism?

7. Why don't we learn what the narrator does for a living?

8. Why is the narrator so enthralled by J.P.'s stories?

9. Why is J.P. drawn to his wife when they meet?

10. What is the significance of the way Roxy is dressed on New Year's Day?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

There is no mention of any of the characters in the story having friends outside the facility. What role does community play in the recovery from addiction? Give examples of how the story threads community and friendship into its themes.

Essay Topic 2

Many details in the story are vague, while others are very precise. For example, J.P. is "eighteen or nineteen" when he meets his wife, but he remembers exactly what she is wearing. Explore how the author alternately uses vague and precise details and why.

Essay Topic 3

The narrator describes J.P. as "first and foremost a drunk. But he's also a chimney sweep." Why does the narrator include both aspects of J.P.'s identity? How does this reflect one of the story's themes?

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