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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does a kiss from a chimney sweep supposedly bring?
(a) Marriage.
(b) Good luck.
(c) New job.
(d) Bad health.

2. What does the narrator eat for Christmas dinner?
(a) He doesn't eat.
(b) Eggs.
(c) Soup and a roll.
(d) Steak.

3. When was the last time the narrator spoke to his wife?
(a) A couple of weeks ago.
(b) A year ago.
(c) A few days ago.
(d) A month or two ago.

4. What is J.P.'s good news on New Year's Eve?
(a) His wife called to say she loves him.
(b) His wife is coming to visit in the morning.
(c) His wife and children are coming to visit in the morning.
(d) His wife is coming to visit in a few days.

5. Which famous writer once lived near the facility?
(a) Tennessee Williams.
(b) Ernest Hemingway.
(c) Jack London.
(d) F. Scott Fitzgerald.

6. How many children do J.P. and his wife have?
(a) Three.
(b) One.
(c) Four.
(d) Two.

7. In the story, what is the chimney a metaphor for?
(a) Rigidity.
(b) Happiness.
(c) Alcoholism.
(d) Salvation.

8. Why does the narrator say he knows he will see his girlfriend again?
(a) She owes him money.
(b) They work for the same company.
(c) He has things at her house.
(d) They live together.

9. How long has Tiny been at the facility?
(a) A day or two.
(b) Almost two weeks.
(c) Almost a month.
(d) Les than a week.

10. What kind of head covering does the landlord wear?
(a) Bandana.
(b) Baseball cap.
(c) Hood.
(d) Skull cap.

11. What word does the narrator constantly use to describe his girlfriend's teenager?
(a) Pouty.
(b) Spoiled.
(c) Polite.
(d) Mouthy.

12. What health news does the narrator's girlfriend receive on Christmas Eve?
(a) She has to have surgery.
(b) She has a malignant tumor.
(c) She is pregnant.
(d) She has an abnormal Pap smear.

13. What name does the narrator's wife call him the last time they spoke?
(a) Lowlife.
(b) Wet brain.
(c) Sponge.
(d) Freak.

14. How old is J.P. when he meets his wife?
(a) Twenty.
(b) Exactly eighteen.
(c) Exactly nineteen.
(d) Eighteen or nineteen.

15. Where was J.P. when he met his wife?
(a) In a bar.
(b) Out with friends.
(c) At a friend's house.
(d) At a party.

Short Answer Questions

1. After J.P. gets married, what word does he use to describe how he feels about his life?

2. What kind of New Year's Eve cake is it?

3. How old is J.P. when he falls down a dry well?

4. What do J.P. and the narrator drink on the porch on the morning of New Year's Day?

5. What does the proprietor smoke?

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