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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the teenager say when the narrator and his girlfriend are leaving for the facility?
(a) "I'll be gone when you get back."
(b) "Good riddance."
(c) "The hell with you."
(d) "Drive safely."

2. What phrase does the narrator use for casually talking with someone?
(a) "Shooting the bull."
(b) "Shooting the breeze."
(c) "Batting the breeze."
(d) "Chewing the fat."

3. What effect does J.P.'s voice have on the narrator?
(a) Makes him sleepy.
(b) Calming and relaxing.
(c) Grating.
(d) Irritating.

4. Where is Tiny hoping to be on New Year's Eve?
(a) In Times Square.
(b) At home with his wife.
(c) At a friend's party.
(d) At home with his girlfriend.

5. What health news does the narrator's girlfriend receive on Christmas Eve?
(a) She has to have surgery.
(b) She has a malignant tumor.
(c) She has an abnormal Pap smear.
(d) She is pregnant.

6. Where did J.P. grow up?
(a) Outside a big city.
(b) In a small town.
(c) In a trailer park.
(d) On a farm.

7. What word does J.P. use to describe how the facility's proprietor makes him feel?
(a) Loser.
(b) Misfit.
(c) Dog.
(d) Bug.

8. What does the title of the story refer to?
(a) What the telephone operator asks the narrator.
(b) Something the narrator says to J.P.
(c) What the narrator says his wife will ask him.
(d) What the narrator's wife asks him.

9. What time of day does Tiny return from the hospital to the facility?
(a) Just after lunch.
(b) In time for breakfast.
(c) Just after breakfast.
(d) Around dinner.

10. What three things does J.P. mention hearing from the bottom of the well?
(a) Birds' wings, a dog barking, and a train whistle.
(b) The wind, a car horn, and birds singing.
(c) Birds' wings, insects rustling, and the wind.
(d) Birds' wings, a car horn, and a dog barking.

11. What does J.P. say his courtship with his wife mainly revolved around?
(a) Drinking.
(b) Kissing.
(c) Holding Hands.
(d) Cleaning chimneys.

12. What phrase does the narrator say whenever J.P. stops telling his story about meeting and dating his wife?
(a) "You can stop."
(b) "Is that it?"
(c) "Let me guess..."
(d) "Then what?"

13. What did the narrator wake up wanting on New Year's Day?
(a) To go home.
(b) To talk to his wife.
(c) Lots of food.
(d) A drink.

14. When the story opens, how long have the narrator and J.P. been at the facility?
(a) A few hours.
(b) A few days.
(c) Two weeks.
(d) One day.

15. Which addictions does the rehabilitation center treat?
(a) Alcoholism and cocaine abuse.
(b) Alcoholism and gambling.
(c) Alcoholism.
(d) Alcoholism and heroin abuse.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the result of J.P.'s arrest?

2. How much does the narrator's phone call on New Year's Eve cost?

3. Where do J.P. and his wife go on their first date?

4. What does the proprietor smoke?

5. In what part of the state does the story take place?

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