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Objective: In his story, "Where I'm Calling From," Raymond Carver shows the stigma and shame attached to alcoholism. For example, the narrator does not even tell his first name and calls himself "a drunk." The objective of this lesson is to look at how stigma affects people's feelings of self-worth, and how it used in our society.

1. Class discussion: Have the students call out negative words or phrases they have heard or that they read in "Where I'm Calling From" that are associated with "alcoholism." Write their answers on the board in one column. Go through the words and discuss each. Where do they think a particular word or phrase came from? Why is it demeaning? How could it make a person trying to recover from alcohol feel?

2. Combination class discussion and small group work: Together, the class takes 5 to 10 minutes to come up with a working...

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