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Narrator Portrait

The narrator never offers a physical description of himself, but gives the single word "big" in reference to his size.

• If you like to draw, create a portrait of what you think the narrator looks like.

• If you prefer to draw with words, create a one-page written character sketch of the narrator. In either case, include details of clothing, appearance, and mannerisms.

Movie Soundtrack

If "Where I'm Calling From" were made into a movie, what songs would be part of the soundtrack? Come up with three and explain why you chose them. Ideally, the songs would be from the time period of the early 1980s, when the story was published, or earlier or at least suggest the period.

Tiny's Talk

Pretend that Tiny is talking to Frank Martin in a counseling session after his seizure. Write a first-person, one-page monologue in which he explores his feelings...

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