Where I'm Calling From Character Descriptions

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Frank Martin - The manager of a residential treatment facility for alcoholics, this short, heavy-set character advises patients to consider the example of Jack London, the celebrated writer who died of alcoholism.

Narrator - This character is a patient at a residential facility for alcoholics for the second time. Estranged from his wife and not coping well with his girlfriend's health problems, he is moved by stories about another resident's once-stormy marriage.

Joe Penny - This 30-something alcoholic is in a residential treatment center for the first time. On the front porch of the facility, the character relates personal stories to a fellow patient about a turbulent, often violent marriage.

J.P. - See Joe Penny

Roxy - Tall, strong, and attractive, this character's stormy marriage to an alcoholic has resulted in violent fights. In response to these marital problems, the character has an extramarital affair...

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