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• The narrator and J.P. (short for Joe Penny) meet on the front porch of Frank Martin's alcohol treatment center in Northern California.

• J.P. is obsessed with his own physical shaking from lack of alcohol, and asks the narrator about it.

• The narrator cannot stop thinking about a traumatic incident that happened the day before.

• The narrator remembers witnessing a man named Tiny having a seizure in the dining hall and being taken away in an ambulance, and the narrator begins to worry it will also happen to him.

• Tiny is brought back the next day, but he is quiet and sullen, because of the seizure.

• Tiny was close to going home, but now is afraid to.

• The narrator and J.P. finally settle into chairs on the porch, and J.P. tells a story of falling down a well when he was 12 and being...

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