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Part 1, Section 1, "My name is Ixca..."

• The book opens with Ixca Cienfuegos, a citizen of Mexico City, speaking about his country's difficulties.

• A noble land unlike any other, Mexico nonetheless cannot shake off its lethargy, its poverty and its envy of Europe; he urges the city, an "eagle without wings", to join together and raise itself up again, and to find a place where 'the air is clear'.

• A quick portrait of an aging prostitute, Gladys Garcia, shows the woman waking up in a wet street after a long night of work.

• From her eyes the refuse-filled street is described, with its neon ads, dead dogs, sleeping children, bikes, and cabbies.

• She has been on the streets since age thirteen, and has not seen her family since she left home; passing a glamorous couple taking a car to a party, she thinks they look 'like gods...

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