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Kent Haruf
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Pat and Jessie do on Sundays?
(a) Go to a matinee.
(b) Go on outings with her boys.
(c) Go to baseball games.
(d) Go to church.

2. What message does Jessie publish for the townspeople to read?
(a) That a search has been scheduled to find Jack.
(b) That she is divorcing Jack.
(c) That Jack has been murdered.
(d) That she is not responsible for Jack's debts.

3. What is the nickname of Jessie and Jack's son?
(a) Tomas.
(b) Tom Tom.
(c) Tommie Boy.
(d) T.J.

4. How old is Jessie?
(a) 20.
(b) 31.
(c) 17.
(d) 29.

5. What does Pat realize when he visits his wife at her father's home?
(a) He wants to move to Denver.
(b) He wants to take a leave of absence.
(c) He needs a vacation.
(d) His marriage is over.

6. For how long is Doyle Francis to take over at the grain elevator?
(a) Just a year.
(b) As long as he wants to stay.
(c) A few months.
(d) Until Jack returns or a replacement can be found.

7. How old is Pat and Nora's daughter in 1982?
(a) 19.
(b) 16.
(c) 23.
(d) 12.

8. Why do so many people congregate upon Jack's return?
(a) They want to ask Jack to run for mayor.
(b) They want to talk about grain prices.
(c) They want to talk about the drought.
(d) They want to see the kind of woman Jack would marry.

9. Why do the townspeople center their anger about the theft on the bookkeeper?
(a) He has a history of theft.
(b) He is also a minister and should know better than to steal.
(c) Jack has run away from town.
(d) He is the one who had the idea to steal.

10. What is the purpose of Jessie's visit to the Hold Mercury office in January of 1977?
(a) To purchase a subscription.
(b) To place an ad for her garage sale.
(c) To have a notice printed about Jack.
(d) To place an ad for the grain elevator.

11. What makes Jessie's job difficult for her?
(a) She is getting migraine headaches.
(b) She is in the late stages of pregnancy.
(c) She can't find a babysitter for her kids.
(d) She doesn't have a car to drive there.

12. Why does the sheriff call Pat?
(a) To tell him that Jessie is in the hospital.
(b) To tell him that the golf outing has been cancelled.
(c) To tell him that Nora was in a car accident.
(d) To tell him that Jack is back in town.

13. What items does Jack buy on credit at Schulte's store?
(a) Ties.
(b) Underwear and socks.
(c) A couple of belts.
(d) An overcoat.

14. What does the sheriff do when he learns that Jack has kidnapped his family?
(a) Tries to forget about him.
(b) Issues arrest warrants.
(c) Informs the FBI.
(d) Tries to follow his trail.

15. Why is Charlie not tried for the grain elevator theft?
(a) He is brain damaged.
(b) He is insane.
(c) He is innocent.
(d) He is retarded.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Nora return home after visiting her father?

2. With whom does Pat become involved romantically?

3. On what day of the week does Jessie work?

4. Why does the prosecutor tell the sheriff that he cannot hold Jack in jail?

5. What does Jack do to Pat at Jessie's apartment?

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