Objects & Places from Where You Once Belonged: A Novel

Kent Haruf
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Refrigerator - Jack Burdette and a group of high school boys, including Pat Arbuckle, steal this off the back porch of a retired fisherman's house.

Radio - Jack is kicked out of college for stealing this item belonging to another student.

Legal Notice - Jessie has Pat print this in the newspaper that states she is not responsible for her husband's debts.

Brown Bag of Laundry - A few months after learning Jack Burdette married Jessie, Wanda Jo returns this item to him.

Red Cadillac - Jack Burdette returns to Holt in this vehicle eight years after embezzling one hundred fifty thousand dollars from the grain elevator.

Farmer's Co-Op Elevator - This is a business in Holt, Colorado, owned by a large group of farmers and townspeople.

Letitia Hotel - This is a small establishment in downtown Holt, Colorado that later became a boarding house.

Holt Cafe...

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