Objects & Places from Where You Once Belonged: A Novel

Kent Haruf
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Jack Burdette and a group of high school boys, including Pat Arbuckle, steal this off the back porch of a retired fisherman's house.


Jack is kicked out of college for stealing this item belonging to another student.

Jessie has Pat print this in the newspaper that states she is not responsible for her husband's debts.

Brown Bag of Laundry

A few months after learning Jack Burdette married Jessie, Wanda Jo returns this item to him.

Red Cadillac

Jack Burdette returns to Holt in this vehicle eight years after embezzling one hundred fifty thousand dollars from the grain elevator.

Farmer's Co-Op Elevator

This is a business in Holt, Colorado, owned by a large group of farmers and townspeople.

Letitia Hotel

This is a small establishment in downtown Holt, Colorado that later became a boarding house.

Holt Cafe

Jessie Burdette takes a job here after her...

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