Where You Once Belonged: A Novel Character Descriptions

Kent Haruf
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Pat Arbuckle

He is the narrator of the story, the son of the local newspaper owner, and grew up in Holt.

Jessie Burdette

She spent most of her childhood taking care of her mother and two younger brothers, and seems to thrive in marriage even as she cuts herself off from the people in Holt.

Jack Burdette

He is a selfish and unkind person who wants what he wants, and does not care who he hurts as he struggles to get it.

Nora Kramer Arbuckle

She is the quiet and beautiful daughter of a college professor.

Wanda Jo Evans

She is a bright and beautiful girl who is loved by every boy in school, but who has eyes only for one of them.

Bud Sealy

He is a quiet and calm man who is the law in the small town of Holt, Colorado.

Ralph Bird

He is the...

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