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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What event helps Mama understand why Billy is determined to cut down "The Big Tree"?
(a) Billy's faith in God.
(b) Billy's aching muscles.
(c) Old Dan's return to the tree during the night.
(d) Little Ann's return to the tree during the night.

2. How many years has it been since the unnamed man in Chapter 1 first met his two dogs?
(a) More than 20 years.
(b) More than 50 years.
(c) More than 5 years.
(d) More than 25 years.

3. Why does the general store owner offer Billy a pair of shoes?
(a) He knows Billy cannot afford new shoes.
(b) He is barefooted.
(c) His shoes are torn.
(d) His shoes are wet from his walk.

4. What does Billy discover about the dogs when he wakes in the morning in Chapter 9?
(a) Little Ann is missing.
(b) The dogs are more determined than he is.
(c) Old Dan is missing.
(d) The dogs are as tired as he is.

5. Why do the children at the playground in Tahlequah make fun of Billy?
(a) They say he looks like a hillbilly because he is not wearing shoes.
(b) They can tell he lives in another state.
(c) He is not attending school.
(d) His hair needs to be cut.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many traps does Billy set up near the river in Chapter 7?

2. How does Billy plan on paying his grandfather for the bag of candy he gets from his store?

3. How does Billy characterize the female puppy in Chapter 5?

4. Why does Billy become disillusioned with his new hunting traps?

5. What information does Billy's father give him in Chapter 6 about town life that surprises Billy?

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