Where the Red Fern Grows Character Descriptions

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Billy Colman

The oldest sibling in the family, this character wants a pair of redbone hounds more than anything. Through two years of hunting experience, this character matures, learning to face increasingly more serious challenges.

Papa Colman

This hardworking has dedicated himself to farming his land in the Ozarks and helping make his family's dreams come true.

Mama Colman

This gentle character loves and worries about the protagonist constantly. This character also makes a coonskin hat for the protagonist.

Grandpa Colman

This character owns the general store and is, undoubtedly, the protagonist's compass and inspiration.

Billy's Little Sisters

These characters are never given names or ages, but helps the protagonist train his dogs by dragging the coonskin around.

Old Dan

This character is the protagonist's "boy dog," the larger and stronger of the two, and more aggressive but less intelligent than the other.

Little Ann

This character is...

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