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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Roy Luther was alive, what was Thanksgiving like?
(a) They never had enough to eat on Thanksgiving.
(b) They had plenty to eat both that day and the day after.
(c) They would stuff themselves, then starve the next day.
(d) They didn't celebrate Thanksgiving.

2. Who talks violently about Kiser Pease?
(a) Devola.
(b) Mary Call.
(c) Romey.
(d) Ima Dean.

3. Mr. Connell is looking for people to do what in November and December?
(a) Clean the store.
(b) Bring in wildcrafting items.
(c) Make roping.
(d) Work at the store.

4. Why does Goldie get angry in Chapter 11 when she visits the Luther house?
(a) Because she finds out Roy Luther died.
(b) Because she says the house belongs to her, not Kiser.
(c) Because she wanted to live in the house.
(d) Because she gave the house to Kiser.

5. Where do Kiser and Devola get married?
(a) The Luther's house.
(b) By Cosby Luther's grave.
(c) Kiser's house.
(d) At the Connell's house.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old is Kiser Pease?

2. Which animal/animals are the first to live inside the Luther house?

3. What kind of cow does Kiser bring Devola?

4. What comes early to Trial Valley in Chapter 11?

5. Who wants Kiser to buy the land and put it in Devola's name?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Mary think the younger kids see her?

2. How is the Thanksgiving dinner and their situation in general wearing on Mary Call in this chapter?

3. Why do you think Mary Call's worries are mostly gone?

4. Describe how Mrs. Connell is scared away from the Luther house.

5. How does Devola remind Mary Call of Cosby Luther in this chapter, and how does she respond to it?

6. Why doesn't Mary Call think it's a good idea to have friends at school?

7. Why can't Mary Call ride home with the Graybeals even though it is raining?

8. Why does Mary Call decide to marry Kiser Pease? What does she think will happen?

9. What is most upsetting to the family about the roof?

10. How do the Luthers prepare for winter?

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