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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who talks violently about Kiser Pease?
(a) Ima Dean.
(b) Devola.
(c) Mary Call.
(d) Romey.

2. Who does not like the new arrangement after Devola and Kiser are married?
(a) Romey.
(b) Ima Dean.
(c) Mary Call.
(d) Roy Luther.

3. How do the Luthers get the waxy buds of Gilead trees?
(a) They climb trees.
(b) They pull them down with rakes.
(c) They shake the trees.
(d) They use a net.

4. Who complains that the kids are working too hard?
(a) Mr. Connell.
(b) Romey.
(c) Mrs. Connell.
(d) Mary Call.

5. Who is making roping for holiday decorations?
(a) Romey and Mary Call.
(b) Just Romey.
(c) Ima Dean.
(d) Just Mary Call.

Short Answer Questions

1. What else does Goldie take when she leaves the Luther's house?

2. What kind of reaction does Mary Call give Kiser when he offers to give her money?

3. Who is the Luther family's neighbor?

4. How is Romey hurt in Chapter 12?

5. Why does Mary Call decide to help Kiser Pease?

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