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Chapter 1

• We are introduced to Mary Call and her family in this chapter. Her mother died years ago and her father is on his deathbed.

• Mary Call, only 14, is left with the responsibility of the Luther family.

• The family is poor and lives in the mountains as sharecroppers.
• To complicate matters, Roy Luther, Mary's father, has made her promise certain things which are a burden to her. This chapter outlines the burdens that have been placed on Mary Call by promises she made to her father.

• She has promised him a homemade burial, without an undertaker or preacher. This is a difficult promise, because she will have to pull his body up the mountain in her brother's toy wagon.

• The second promise is that Mary Call will keep her family, including Devola, her younger brother Romey, and her little sister Ima Dean, together on the mountain.

• Plus, they...

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