Objects & Places from Where the Heart Is

Billie Letts
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This is where Willy Jack leaves Novalee. Novalee lives and gives birth here.

Buckeye tree

This object is a gift given to Novalee and brings her good luck.


This place is where Novalee meets Forney. This is the place of Americus' first birthday party.

Sister Husband's trailer

This place is where Novalee and Americus live after they come home from the hospital.

Novalee's house

This place is what Novalee has dreamed about and wanted since the story began.

Novalee's Hospital

This is the place where Novalee becomes a celebrity after giving birth to Americus.

Willy Jack's Hospital

This is the place where a confrontation occurs about a newspaper article.

Novalee's camera

This object is purchased at a yard sale.

Willy Jack's guitar

This item is given by the prison librarian.


This place is where Willy Jack writes and practices his hit song.

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