Where the Heart Is Fun Activities

Billie Letts
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Newspaper clipping

Find and bring in a newspaper clipping that resembles one of the following characters; Sister Husband, Benny, or Forney. Be able to present your reasoning in front of the class.

Scenic art

Create a drawing to show one of the following and explain how it applies to the story: Rattlesnake Ridge or the Tornado.


Write any type of poem (your choice) that would describe either Forney's point of view of love toward Novalee or Novalee's point of view of love toward Forney.


Create a collage that tells the life of Sister Husband.

Newspaper article

Imagine you were one of the reporters sent to the hospital to get information and write a newspaper article on Novalee's baby. Write an article for the paper.


Create a mural showing the life of Novalee throughout the story.


Rewrite Chapter 2 of the story, when Novalee meets her...

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