Where the Heart Is Character Descriptions

Billie Letts
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Novalee Nation

This character is the main character of the book. Wal-Mart is very important to this character because this character is left there, lives there, and has a baby there.

Willy Jack Pickens

This character leaves someone at Wal-Mart, and eventually ends up going to jail for stolen cigarettes.

Americus Nation

This character is known as the Wal-Mart baby. This character received a great deal of media attention at two different points in their life.

Forney Hull

This character works in the library where this character's sister is the librarian. Bowdoin College is an important college to this character's family.

Sister Husband

This character tries to convert people to Christianity by passing out chapters of the Bible. This character drives the Welcome Wagon.

Moses Whitecotton

This character is African American and is the Wal-Mart photographer. This character speaks about the importance of names.

Benny Goodluck

This character...

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