Where the Heart Is Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Billie Letts
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• Novalee Nation and Willy Jack Pickens, Novalee's boyfriend, are traveling across country from Tennessee to California for a new life.

• Novalee, seven months pregnant, has to go to the bathroom again after having stopped only fifty miles prior.

• Willy Jack gets angery at having to stop again, but they eventually stop at a Wal-Mart. When Novalee goes into the store, Willy Jack leaves, just as Novalee suspected he might.

• Novalee meets Sister Husband or Thelma, who calls Novalee, Ruth Ann Mott.

• Sister Husband offers Novalee a basket of various items from local businesses which Novalee accepts.

• Novalee meets Moses Whitecotton, who gives Novalee a baby book and discusses with Novalee the importance of choosing a name.

• Novalee meets a boy named Benny Goodluck and Benny presents Novalee with a buckeye tree from their family nursery.

• Photographs are important to Novalee and has pictures taken with Sister...

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