Where the Dead Sit Talking Short Essay - Answer Key

Brandon Hobson
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1. Who is the narrator and what is the time period of the novel?

Sequoyah is telling the story years after it happened. He is describing a period in 1989 when Rosemary died, but he is telling it from the present, looking back on the events.

2. Why is the main character named Sequoyah?

The main character is named Sequoyah because he is named after the teacher who developed the Cherokee language, but his mother always said she should have called him Yellow Sky because he brought her hope.

3. What caused Sequoyah's scars?

Sequoyah's face is covered with burn scars because when his mother was drunk, she splashed hot grease on him, burning his face and chest. She did not take him to the emergency room.

4. Why was Sequoyah's mother put in prison?

Sequoyah's mother was a drunk who got worse and worse. She got involved in drugs and was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and drunk driving.

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