Objects & Places from Where the Dead Sit Talking

Brandon Hobson
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Cherokee County

This place symbolizes home, heritage, and happier times for the main character.


This remains packed away in a box when the main character moves, so it cannot protect him from bad spirits that come in dreams.


The main character uses this as a statement of identity.


This symbolizes the occupation of the foster father as well as a source of conflict in the novel since the main female character steals some.

Paper Birds

These symbolize freedom, friendship, and healing for the main character when he is sick as they are created by a kind neighbor.

Facial Scars

These cause, in part, the main character's separation and "differentness" from others.


This location represents the need to be alone for the main character.

Barking Dog

This represents the main female character's irritability manipulative techniques, as she asks the main character to "take care" of...

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