Daily Lessons for Teaching Where the Dead Sit Talking

Brandon Hobson
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-2)


In this lesson, the students will analyze Sequoyah's mother's behavior and the effect it had on Sequoyah. We learn in Chapter One that Sequoyah's mother is an alcoholic. As a very young child, he tried to take care of his mother, worried when she was hung over, and suffered the consequences of her behavior. He becomes who he is, in part, because of his mother's decisions. Students will look at his mother's behavior and see how it affects his specific actions. Students should also consider what role Sequoyah had in his own behavior.


Class Discussion: What is the first line of the book? What has caused Sequoyah's unhappiness? What do you think Sequoyah sees as the turning point of his life? What does Sequoyah tell readers about his mother? How did Sequoyah get his scars? What job does his mother get? Who is with Sequoyah...

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