Where the Dead Sit Talking Fun Activities

Brandon Hobson
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Design a Dreamcatcher

Do research on Native American dreamcatchers. Design one either on paper or with tangible elements. Be able to present your dreamcatcher in a show-and-tell session, explaining your design choices of color, shape, materials, symbolism, or other elements.

Podcast on M. Scott Momaday

Research and write a podcast on the author M. Scott Momaday. Summarize the two books that are mentioned in the novel, and discuss why these works were important to Rosemary and Sequoyah.

Comic Book of Mr. Gillis

Create a comic book that showcases the sad, pathetic Mr. Gillis and his interactions with students at Sequoyah's high school.

Predicting the Future

Write a magazine article that profiles George 20 years from the time the book ends.

Architect's Blueprints

Create blueprints or drawings of the Troutt home, including all the places mentioned like the shed, the attic, the bathroom, the bedrooms, the kitchen.

Drama Class


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