Where Is the Mango Princess? Short Essay - Answer Key

C. E. Crimmins
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1. Why did Cathy say an injured brain was a crap shoot?

Cathy said that a brain that was injured was a crap shoot. You might remember something or you might not. You might not even be able to remember who was in the room five minutes ago. You might not walk or talk again. You might never wake from a coma. You might wake and be nasty and aggressive. You might talk in jargon. You might only sing a sitcom theme song over and over and over again. You just did not know what would happen if your brain was injured.

2. What problems did the Crimmins family have with the owners of the Canadian cabin?

First the owner of the cabin wanted to rent them a boat for $1,000. Then Cathy discovered that the water filter was broken, so they would have to haul water in by boat and up the stairs to the cabin. The owners made things worse by the notes they left that offered to sell water for four dollars a bottle.

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