Where Is the Mango Princess? Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

C. E. Crimmins
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Essay Topic 1

Cathy described their vacation to Canada as the "Vacation from Hell." Discuss why the vacation was not the relaxing time the family had envisioned.

Essay Topic 2

"The Mango Princess" is about injuries Alan suffered that injured him badly. Discuss Alan's accident and injuries.

Essay Topic 3

Alan was given various treatments to allow his brain to heal as much as possible. Discuss some of the treatments Alan was given and why those treatments were chosen.

Essay Topic 4

Cathy mentioned that she was familiar with steep learning curves, but that learning everything she needed to know about closed head injury was the steepest curve she was ever thrown. Discuss what Cathy had to learn to understand and deal with Alan's injury.

Essay Topic 5

When Alan was moved to the neurological intensive care unit, Cathy noticed the differences in the two ICUs. Compare and contrast the regular ICU and...

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