Where Is the Mango Princess? Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

C. E. Crimmins
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Chapter 1

• In June 1996, Cathy and Alan Crimmins had won a vacation to a secluded lakeside cabin at Bob's Lake in Canada through a raffle at their daughter Kelly's school.

• Having to haul water made the trip less relaxing than expected.

• Plus a local man tried to rip them off with a boat rental.

• Long-time friends from graduate school came to visit and attempted to have fun in spite of the rain.

• When it was time to leave, Alan loaded dirty laundry and garbage on the boat to head back to the mainland.
• When Cathy heard a boat motor later. It wasn't Alan, but a couple who came to report that Alan had had a serious accident.

• When Cathy arrived, Alan was in the boat twitching, comforted by their worried friends.

• The boat was badly wrecked and was towed to a nearby marina where ambulance workers trapped Alan to...

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