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Hal Borland
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Short Answer Questions

1. Tom Black Bull is given a single room at whose suggestion?

2. Whom does Tom Black Bull assist with the sheep?

3. What do Bessie and Tom Black Bull gather willow shoots and other plants for?

4. Who does Tom Black Bull share a room with in the dormitory?

5. What does Tom Black Bull do when Benny Grayback locks him in a room?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Tom Black Bull introduced to his moneymaking skills in Chapter 21?

2. What happens when Jim Woodward offers Tom Black a winter job a second time?

3. How does Meo, the Mexican ex-bronco twister, take Tom Black Bull under his belt at Red Dillon's spread?

4. What transpires when Tom Black Bull makes the escape from the agency school to his lodge on the mountain in October?

5. What methods does Red Dillon use to teach Tom Black Bull to ride?

6. What transpires during Tom Black's night ride at Madison Square Garden?

7. What is Tom Black's intent regarding rebuilding his muscles following his Madison Square Garden fall?

8. How does Mary Redmond attempt to pressure herself into becoming a continuing part of Tom Black's rehabilitation?

9. When Tom Black lays asleep on prickly needles, what does he dream of?

10. What does Blue Elk do in his attempt to trick Tom Black Bull to return with him to the school?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

George and Bessie Black Bull live the winter with their son in the mountains. How do they prepare for the winter the 'old way'? What do they do for food? What clothing do they make? Where will they live? How will they keep warm?

Essay Topic 2

Blue Elk is an antagonist. He is a corrupted bridge linking the white and Ute worlds. Examine Blue Elk's responsibility for a significant amount of the misunderstanding and miscommunication between these two cultures. How does Blue Elk use his command of both languages to take advantage of the Ute Indians who do not speak English, and the white people who do not speak Ute? How does he exploit the greed of the white man? How does he exploit the Ute sense of justice and honesty? How is Blue Elk a twisted, unscrupulous variant of both the white man and the Ute Indian?

Essay Topic 3

Meo is a Mexican ex-bronco twister who takes Tom Black Bull under his belt. He will end up becoming a mentor for him. Detail what Meo does outside with Tom to quiet his life over a few hours. What wisdom does Meo share with Tom? What does Meo get Tom to do the 'old way'? What is Meo's response to Tom informing him that the 'old way' has died? What is Meo's response to Tom informing him he came to learn from Red how to be his own boss? Who does Meo inform Tom that the boss is?

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