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Hal Borland
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Short Answer Questions

1. What happens with George Black Bull's body?

2. How is George Black Bull killed?

3. Who does Tom Black Bull join with to become a bronco rider?

4. When Tom Black Bull grabs the saddle to steady himself on one bronco, he is chewed out for not riding what?

5. While en route to rendezvous with her husband, Bessie Black Bull and her son bathe in a ritual cleansing while singing what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the introductory poem to "When the Legends Die" summarize?

2. What transpires the day after Tom Black Bull spies the gold prospector by the stream?

3. What happens when Tom Black Bull encounters his bear cub the next spring at the reservation school boundaries?

4. What compels Tom Black back to Horse Mountain?

5. What are the 'old ways' Bessie Black Bull teaches Tom as they escape Pagosa and flee into Horse Mountain to link up with her husband, George?

6. What is the legend about Tom Black being a first cousin of the Devil who got into an argument with him?

7. What is Tom Black's intent regarding rebuilding his muscles following his Madison Square Garden fall?

8. What is happening to Tom Black Bull under Red Dillon's control that is frustrating him?

9. What transpires between Bessie Black Bull and Ute Indian women from the reservation regarding Blue Elk and his thievery?

10. How does Tom Black Bull adjust to life at the agency school?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Tom Black Bull is taught to ride broncos at Red Dillon's ranch. His new life is totally apart from everything Ute Indian. What is the sequence of steps Red utilizes in teaching Tom? What does Tom have to learn along the way as he advances? What unethical maneuvers does Red plan to utilize to make money from Tom's efforts?

Essay Topic 2

Bessie Black Bull follows the 'old way' of teaching through songs. Elaborate on this Ute Indian approach to passing on their heritage. What songs does Tom Black Bull learn from his mother? What is he taught through them?

Essay Topic 3

George and Bessie Black Bull live the winter with their son in the mountains. How do they prepare for the winter the 'old way'? What do they do for food? What clothing do they make? Where will they live? How will they keep warm?

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