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Hal Borland
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Short Answer Questions

1. The spring after they are run out of Felice, where do Tom Black Bull and his teacher work?

2. Whom does Tom Black Bull assist with the sheep?

3. What is Blue Elk impressed to learn about Tom Black Bull?

4. In what way is the gold prospector injured?

5. After Tom Black Bull escapes the school, what old Indian tracker is sent with Benny Grayback to find him?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Tom Black Bull and his parents prepare for the winter on Horse Mountain?

2. What does Blue Elk do in his attempt to trick Tom Black Bull to return with him to the school?

3. What happens to Tom Black the next day after he has a dream in which Blue Elk becomes Red Dillon laughing at him?

4. What are some reasons Tom Black decides that he must return to the rodeo?

5. Why is it that Tom Black Bull gets by caring for sheep with Albert Left Hand?

6. In Chapter 2, what sort of glimpse does the author provide of life on the Southern Ute Indian Reservation in comparison to Indian life the 'old way'?

7. What compels Tom Black back to Horse Mountain?

8. Why do Mary Redmond and Tom Black run opposed to each other?

9. How does the theme of the roundness of all life unfold through Bessie Black Bull?

10. What is life like when Red Dillon and Tom Black Bull work the Oklahoma panhandle and eastern New Mexico in the spring, and Colorado the following autumn?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

For a period in each of their lives, both George Black Bull and Tom are outlaws, but each is a different type of outlaw. George is an outlaw for killing a man. What are his reasons? What type of outlaw is Tom? Why does he do what he does? Compare and contrast the two.

Essay Topic 2

The bear in this story represents Tom Black Bull and his boyhood. This is his foundation, his connection with the 'old ways'. Explain how In the end, his arduous trek to find and kill his bear leads Tom to his reparation and purification of the evil individual he has become.

Essay Topic 3

Roundness of life is a significant theme in this story. It unfolds through Bessie Black Bull, who maintains the 'old ways' and instructs them to Tom. What is it the reader learns to look for with this theme? How does the concept of continuation within all life tie in with this 'roundness' theme? Detail the method Bessie uses to teach this intrinsic truth concerning nature.

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