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Hal Borland
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Short Answer Questions

1. Tom Black Bull's ego and sense of adventure are fed by what as he assesses himself west of Corpus Christi?

2. What does Tom Black Bull do to relieve his anger when Red Dillon enters him into rodeo bronco riding competitions to cheat?

3. What does Red Dillon represent?

4. Who is called to interpret for Tom Black Bull because he speaks only Ute?

5. What differs between horses that Tom Black Bull rode on the sagebrush range and those that he rides on the new spread?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the introductory poem to "When the Legends Die" summarize?

2. What transpires during Tom Black's night ride at Madison Square Garden?

3. Who is Tom Black reminded of by Mary Redmond attempting to pressure her way into his convalescence?

4. Why is Tom Black unable to shoot the bear after waiting all night?

5. What are some of his thoughts related to the bear during Tom Black's first night spent back at the old sheep camp?

6. How does Mary Redmond attempt to pressure herself into becoming a continuing part of Tom Black's rehabilitation?

7. What is printed about Tom Black in the newspaper when he rides in Madison Square Garden?

8. What happens when Jim Woodward offers Tom Black a winter job a second time?

9. Why is the reservation school unsuccessful in teaching Tom Black Bull how to plow fields?

10. How do Tom Black Bull and his parents prepare for the winter on Horse Mountain?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The first horse Tom Black Bull rode to death was in his initial rodeo in Aztec. The last was in Madison Square Garden. What is Tom's violence directed against? Why does he take his violence out on the horses? What does Red Dillon represent? What does Tom become more like as he gives in progressively to his violence?

Essay Topic 2

Early in the book the reader learns the Utes are quite resourceful, and they approach life in a very practical fashion. When the farming methods taught them by the white man fail due to drought, they revert to their 'old ways', which are clearly in concert with nature. Contrast the approach of the white man to life with the 'old ways' handed down to Tom Black Bull by his parents.

Essay Topic 3

Are all those whom Tom Black Bull encounters intent on using him by compelling him to adapt to the white way? How does Jim Thatcher affect Tom's life? What about other individuals?

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