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Hal Borland
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Tom Black's contact with Mary Redmond, he recalls the others who tried to make him do things their way. Who are they?
(a) Blue Elk, Rowena Ellis, Benny Grayback, Red Dillon.
(b) Blue Elk, Frank No Deer, Jim Thatcher, Red Dillon.
(c) Bessie Black Bull, Rowena Ellis, Benny Grayback, Meo.
(d) Meo, Rowena Ellis, Frank No Deer, George Black Bull.

2. What happens during Tom Black's ride in the night rodeo at Madison Square Garden?
(a) The roan smashes into the gate.
(b) The roan bucks him off.
(c) He rides the roan the full time limit.
(d) The roan falls on him.

3. In a local café in Pagosa, four men are staring at Tom Black in his fancy clothes and he feels what?
(a) Self-confident.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Self-conscious.
(d) Proud of his status.

4. Tom's mother told her son that time lays scars on a man, becoming part of his being, just like what?
(a) Markings on a diamondback rattlesnake.
(b) White head of a bald eagle
(c) Stripes on a chipmunk.
(d) Stripes on a skunk.

5. Tom Black finds where the bear has cached the remains of a kill it has made, so he does what?
(a) Picks a spot in a nearby tree, waits for the bear to return.
(b) Continues to track the bear now that he is closing in.
(c) Decides to give up his hunt, returns to break his camp down.
(d) Picks a spot among nearby boulders, waits for the bear to return.

Short Answer Questions

1. What form of signaling does Albert Left Hand exercise with his dogs that Tom Black attempts again?

2. When does Tom Black's employer link up with him to collect the herd?

3. By the last chapter, Tom Black's name has changed to what?

4. When Tom Black Bull tells his instructor that he will not ride the circuit with him anymore, he advises he will do what instead?

5. Tom Black tracks the bear up the mountain, circles back around to where he started, and discovers what?

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