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Hal Borland
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Tom Black Bull feel about his first ride in the big time?
(a) Annoyed, it was less than average.
(b) Displeased, it was only average.
(c) Pleased, it far exceeded average.
(d) Satisfied, it was better than average.

2. What does Tom Black tell his new employer about his past?
(a) Everything about his rodeo work.
(b) Nothing about his rodeo work.
(c) Only about his riding, nothing about the crowds or his fear.
(d) Sketchy details about his rodeo work.

3. Upon returning to the ranch to recover a second time, Tom Black Bull learns what about the Mexican ex-bronco rider?
(a) He decided to die in his sleep.
(b) He drowned attempting a rescue in a flooded stream.
(c) He broke his neck falling from a horse.
(d) He decided to commit suicide by gunshot.

4. After his first summer on the big rodeo circuit, Tom Black Bull returns to the ranch to discover what on his first evening back?
(a) The Mexican ex-bronco rider rummaging his trousers pockets.
(b) The Mexican ex-bronco rider rummaging his jacket pockets.
(c) The Mexican ex-bronco rider rummaging his wallet.
(d) The Mexican ex-bronco rider rummaging his suitcase.

5. Tom Black faces a crossroads following his Madison Square Garden rodeo ride; one that starts where?
(a) At the brink of his death.
(b) A successful ride.
(c) Following a twisted ankle.
(d) After another minor injury.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens during Tom Black's ride in the night rodeo at Madison Square Garden?

2. Mary Redmond tells Tom Black that she has located a rest home in the country run by whom?

3. As Tom Black Bull moves into the big time rodeo, riding as his own man, what is he bringing Into his next stage of life?

4. What is Tom Black's initial reaction to Mary Redmond's suggestions regarding a rest home?

5. When he makes his way around the mountain the first time in his search for the bear, the odds are in favor of it being what type?

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