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Hal Borland
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Tom will live awhile in the 'old ways', then go to town and the Indian school to see what is happening, but will not what?
(a) Seek out Jim Thatcher.
(b) Go back to the arena.
(c) Hunt game any further, only fish.
(d) Find out what became of Blue Elk.

2. One night, Tom Black dreams that Blue Elk is speaking to him as though he is still a boy, stating the 'old ways' are gone and Tom must learn to read, write, and what else?
(a) Raise sheep.
(b) Raise cows.
(c) Rope steer.
(d) Plow fields.

3. What switch is taking place in Tom Black's life as he dreams of his mother's death?
(a) Tom is becoming sad about his need to ride rodeo again.
(b) Tom is worrying about his dying on the rodeo circuit.
(c) Tom is concentrating increasingly about his future.
(d) Tom is slipping back more into his past.

4. Walking up the street, Tom Black recognizes what Indian across the road that now looks like a skid row character?
(a) Benny Grayback, the old head man.
(b) Luther Spotted Dog, his former roommate.
(c) Blue Elk, who used to trick him.
(d) Charley Huckleberry, a former council member.

5. When does Tom Black arrive and camp at his old campsite when he returns to locate the bear?
(a) The first night.
(b) The second night.
(c) The fourth night.
(d) The third night.

Short Answer Questions

1. By the last chapter, Tom Black's name has changed to what?

2. What do the beans being choked by the weeds represent?

3. In Tom Black's contact with Mary Redmond, he recalls the others who tried to make him do things their way. Who are they?

4. What is Tom Black's reaction when children in the park recognize him and point him out as a killer?

5. Tom Black Bull spends much time thinking as he recovers, then decides to what?

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