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Hal Borland
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Tom Black finds where the bear has cached the remains of a kill it has made, so he does what?
(a) Picks a spot in a nearby tree, waits for the bear to return.
(b) Continues to track the bear now that he is closing in.
(c) Picks a spot among nearby boulders, waits for the bear to return.
(d) Decides to give up his hunt, returns to break his camp down.

2. Until he heals more, Tom Black accepts a job doing what that will not be too hard on him?
(a) Cattle herding.
(b) Leather cobbling.
(c) Store clerking, shelf stocking.
(d) Shepherding.

3. In the final chapter, where does Tom build his new lodge?
(a) The first bench of Grizzly Mountain.
(b) The first bench of Granite Peak.
(c) The first bench of Bald Mountain.
(d) The first bench of Horse Mountain.

4. How does Tom Black Bull care for his instructor's body?
(a) Buries it at the San Juan ranch.
(b) Collects saloon donations to pay for the funeral.
(c) Leaves it for the city pauper's cemetery.
(d) Offers to pay for the burial.

5. What does Tom Black Bull's instructor die from?
(a) A bad heart, liver, and kidneys.
(b) A brain aneurysm.
(c) Being thrown from a horse.
(d) A gunshot wound.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Tom Black arrive and camp at his old campsite when he returns to locate the bear?

2. What is Tom Black trying to kill through his own violence and the killing, bronco riding legend he has become?

3. What does Tom Black tell his new employer about his past?

4. Tom Black dreams about his mother dying, chanting her death song, which brings what to the foreground of his psyche?

5. If you include the one killed in Aztec, which is not in the records, Tom Black determines he has killed how many horses before his ride in Madison Square Garden?

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