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Hal Borland
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The spring after they are run out of Felice, where do Tom Black Bull and his teacher work?
(a) Southern Colorado.
(b) Eastern New Mexico and the Oklahoma panhandle.
(c) Northern Texas and the Oklahoma panhandle.
(d) Southwestern Kansas and the Oklahoma panhandle.

2. What is Bessie Black Bull relieved about upon her return to the mountains following her second trip to Jim Thatcher's store?
(a) Her son will be going to the white man's school.
(b) She and her son can return to the Southern Ute reservation.
(c) Bear's Brother will be going to the white man's school.
(d) The problem concerning Frank No Deer is resolved.

3. Why has Tom Black Bull taken well to caring for the sheep?
(a) It is not as much work as horses.
(b) It is a part of his nature.
(c) The pigs are always groveling in mud.
(d) The goats wander too far.

4. Whom does Tom Black Bull assist with the sheep?
(a) Charley Huckleberry.
(b) Benny Grayback.
(c) Ed Porter.
(d) Albert Left Hand.

5. Having begun to reevaluate his life, Tom Black Bull returns to the hotel and refuses to comply with orders to do what?
(a) Prepare for the next con.
(b) Return to his instructor's spread.
(c) Ride in the next rodeo.
(d) Take care of the horses.

Short Answer Questions

1. When late March arrives, Tom Black Bull knows the time has come for what?

2. What does Red Dillon represent?

3. How is George Black Bull killed?

4. When Jim Thatcher tells Bessie Black Bull that Frank No Deer's death was self-defense, what does she do?

5. In addition to warmth, why does Bessie Black Bull give her son a red blanket?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Blue Elk do in his attempt to trick Tom Black Bull to return with him to the school?

2. How will Tom Black work for Jim Woodward in the summer?

3. What transpires during Tom Black Bull's discussion with the doctor following Meo's passing?

4. What transpires when Tom Black Bull makes the escape from the agency school to his lodge on the mountain in October?

5. After returning to Pagosa following his injuries in New York, what does Tom Black recall when he enters Thatcher's Market?

6. Following a number of days tracking the bear, what does Tom Black locate on Bald Mountain's first bench?

7. Why does Tom Black accept the job offer from Jim Woodward?

8. How does Red Dillon use Tom Black Bull to make money on his initial scam?

9. What is printed about Tom Black in the newspaper when he rides in Madison Square Garden?

10. How is Tom Black Bull introduced to his moneymaking skills in Chapter 21?

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