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Hal Borland
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Blue Elk impressed to learn about Tom Black Bull?
(a) He knows how to sing in the 'old ways' alone.
(b) He brings the 'old way' out of Blue Elk by singing.
(c) He knows the 'old ways' have no end.
(d) He has lived alone in the 'old ways' for two years.

2. What does Jim Thatcher tell Bessie Black Bull regarding Blue Elk following her encounter with the Indian women who initially tease her?
(a) He had nothing to do with settling the issue with Frank No Deer.
(b) He was partly responsible for settling the issue with Frank No Deer.
(c) He was totally responsible for settling the issue with Frank No Deer.
(d) He was responsible for stealing from Jim Thatcher's store.

3. How is Tom Black Bull punished when he fights other boys?
(a) He is flogged.
(b) He is forced to make more baskets.
(c) He is made to stay out in the cold.
(d) He is forced to stand in a corner.

4. What do Bessie and Tom Black Bull gather willow shoots and other plants for?
(a) Winter fires.
(b) Lodge mats.
(c) Lodge insulation.
(d) Winter basketry.

5. In what way is the gold prospector injured?
(a) Bleeding profusely from his arm.
(b) A twisted ankle.
(c) Bleeding profusely from his leg.
(d) A fractured leg bone.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Tom Black Bull share part of his deer kill?

2. What is it that Tom Black Bull admires for sale in a store window when he arrives in Bayfield with Albert Left Hand?

3. Tom Black Bull emerges a new man after purchasing new clothing and going to the barber, and draws the attention of whom?

4. When Tom Black Bull lets some animals get ill eating green corn, he is put back in the barn for how long before he goes to the horses?

5. What happens with George Black Bull's body?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Meo, the Mexican ex-bronco twister, take Tom Black Bull under his belt at Red Dillon's spread?

2. After Jim Woodward and the man Tom Black is relieving leave, what is Tom amazed by?

3. How is the bear cub freed, and how is Tom Black Bull returned to the agency school?

4. What causes Tom Black's nightmares to cease?

5. What transpires between Bessie Black Bull and Ute Indian women from the reservation regarding Blue Elk and his thievery?

6. What transpires when Tom Black Bull makes the escape from the agency school to his lodge on the mountain in October?

7. How will Tom Black work for Jim Woodward in the summer?

8. Bessie Black Bull is concerned in reference to what Jim Thatcher told her at the store about them no longer searching for George. What does she do?

9. What does Tom Black initially dream of while in the hospital?

10. What happens when Tom Black Bull is locked in his room at the school and he begins to chant?

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