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Hal Borland
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The wild bronco is a symbol of Tom Black Bull's what?
(a) Spirit after being twisted by the white man.
(b) Love of nature before being twisted by the white man.
(c) Love of the outdoors before being twisted by the white man.
(d) Spirit before being twisted by the white man.

2. Why does Tom Black Bull believe it is foolish to be a farmer?
(a) One does not turn the earth into what it does not want to be.
(b) His parents' farming dried in a drought.
(c) Farming and gardening is women's work.
(d) One could pick berries and nuts that grew naturally.

3. In addition to assisting ewes and lambs through the difficulty of birth, Tom Black Bull helps protect against what?
(a) Racoons.
(b) Bears.
(c) Rattlesnakes.
(d) Dogs.

4. Who has George Black Bull killed?
(a) Frank Live Deer.
(b) Frank Rainwater.
(c) Frank No Deer.
(d) Frank Spotted Dog.

5. In addition to warmth, why does Bessie Black Bull give her son a red blanket?
(a) Red is the color for trust.
(b) Red is the color for protection.
(c) Red is the color for honor.
(d) Red is the color for courage.

Short Answer Questions

1. Tom Black Bull and his teacher are run out of Felice with the latter shirtless, so he leaves what on a clothesline they pass?

2. The main character, a Ute boy, first learns the Indian legends, keeps them alive, and then lives with white men. What happens to him, ultimately?

3. What is the name of the Mexican ex-bronco rider who now cooks at Tom Black Bull's new residence?

4. After two years, George and Bessie Black Bull are in debt for how much to the white man?

5. How long following his punishment does Tom Black Bull escape the school?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Tom Black initially dream of while in the hospital?

2. What is the legend about Tom Black being a first cousin of the Devil who got into an argument with him?

3. How are the images of roundness of life contrasted with the white man's squareness?

4. What transpires between Bessie Black Bull and Ute Indian women from the reservation regarding Blue Elk and his thievery?

5. What happens to Tom Black the next day after he has a dream in which Blue Elk becomes Red Dillon laughing at him?

6. What happens when Tom Black Bull arrives with his bear cub companion in town to trade basketry?

7. Why is the reservation school unsuccessful in teaching Tom Black Bull how to plow fields?

8. Why does Tom Black accept the job offer from Jim Woodward?

9. What happens when Tom Black Bull is locked in his room at the school and he begins to chant?

10. What transpires during Tom Black's night ride at Madison Square Garden?

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