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Hal Borland
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what way is the gold prospector injured?
(a) A fractured leg bone.
(b) Bleeding profusely from his arm.
(c) Bleeding profusely from his leg.
(d) A twisted ankle.

2. Tom Black Bull's parents teach him the methods of building lodges, preparing food for winter, and what else?
(a) Hunting buffalo.
(b) Farming corn.
(c) Making pots from clay.
(d) Keeping his spirit in tune with nature.

3. Who has George Black Bull killed?
(a) Frank Live Deer.
(b) Frank Spotted Dog.
(c) Frank Rainwater.
(d) Frank No Deer.

4. Tom Black Bull is taken to his new dormitory room to get what?
(a) A Holy Bible.
(b) Pencils and paper.
(c) White man's food.
(d) White man's clothes.

5. Tom Black Bull tells Benny Grayback that he will agree to acclimate under what condition?
(a) If he can visit his parents' graves.
(b) If he can eat Indian meals.
(c) If they will let his brother, Bear, free.
(d) If he can retrieve items from his lodge.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who recognizes that Tom Black Bull and his pet bear are no threat when they arrive in town one July, and manages to calm the townsfolk?

2. What is Blue Elk impressed to learn about Tom Black Bull?

3. What is the name of the Mexican ex-bronco rider who now cooks at Tom Black Bull's new residence?

4. What is it that Tom Black Bull admires for sale in a store window when he arrives in Bayfield with Albert Left Hand?

5. Blue Elk tracks Bear's Brother to his mountain lodge, and upon looking around is reminded of whom?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the legend about Tom Black being a first cousin of the Devil who got into an argument with him?

2. Why does Tom Black accept the job offer from Jim Woodward?

3. How does Tom Black Bull adjust to life at the agency school?

4. What transpires during Tom Black's night ride at Madison Square Garden?

5. After returning to Pagosa following his injuries in New York, what does Tom Black recall when he enters Thatcher's Market?

6. What happens when Tom Black Bull encounters his bear cub the next spring at the reservation school boundaries?

7. When Tom Black lays asleep on prickly needles, what does he dream of?

8. Who is Tom Black reminded of by Mary Redmond attempting to pressure her way into his convalescence?

9. How is it that Tom Black Bull gets involved in Red Dillon's final hours and burial?

10. How is the bear cub freed, and how is Tom Black Bull returned to the agency school?

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