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Hal Borland
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Two white men exit a saloon and offer Tom Black Bull how much to ride 'his horse' at the end of town?
(a) Fifty cents.
(b) A quarter.
(c) Two dollars.
(d) A dime.

2. How many days away from the agency school does Blue Elk take Tom Black Bull and the bear cub?
(a) 1.
(b) 4.
(c) 2.
(d) 3.

3. Tom Black Bull tells the Mexican ex-bronco rider that he feels powerless at this point in his life, except for when?
(a) When riding horses.
(b) When alone in the mountains.
(c) When making money.
(d) When alone in the sagebrush.

4. The wild bronco is a symbol of Tom Black Bull's what?
(a) Spirit after being twisted by the white man.
(b) Spirit before being twisted by the white man.
(c) Love of the outdoors before being twisted by the white man.
(d) Love of nature before being twisted by the white man.

5. After Tom Black Bull's injury heals they go to Colorado, but his instructor is unable to pull the con, so what happens?
(a) They go to California, Oregon, and Nevada.
(b) They go to Oregon, Idaho, and Nevada.
(c) They go to Utah, Nevada, and California.
(d) They go to Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah.

Short Answer Questions

1. Tom Black Bull is taken to his new dormitory room to get what?

2. When Tom Black Bull lets some animals get ill eating green corn, he is put back in the barn for how long before he goes to the horses?

3. Why does Tom Black Bull believe it is foolish to be a farmer?

4. What does Red Dillon represent?

5. Who is called to interpret for Tom Black Bull because he speaks only Ute?

Short Essay Questions

1. What transpires during Tom Black's night ride at Madison Square Garden?

2. How do Tom Black Bull and his parents prepare for the winter on Horse Mountain?

3. How does Red Dillon use Tom Black Bull to make money on his initial scam?

4. Following a number of days tracking the bear, what does Tom Black locate on Bald Mountain's first bench?

5. What is printed about Tom Black in the newspaper when he rides in Madison Square Garden?

6. What causes Tom Black to change his plans again when Woodward collects his sheep for the winter?

7. How does Tom come to be called Bear's Brother?

8. What transpires between Bessie Black Bull and Ute Indian women from the reservation regarding Blue Elk and his thievery?

9. How is Tom Black Bull introduced to his moneymaking skills in Chapter 21?

10. What happens to Tom Black the next day after he has a dream in which Blue Elk becomes Red Dillon laughing at him?

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