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Hal Borland
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Walking up the street, Tom Black recognizes what Indian across the road that now looks like a skid row character?
(a) Benny Grayback, the old head man.
(b) Charley Huckleberry, a former council member.
(c) Luther Spotted Dog, his former roommate.
(d) Blue Elk, who used to trick him.

2. What is the rodeo a wild ride of, literally and figuratively?
(a) Slips and falls.
(b) Ups and downs.
(c) Tosses and turns.
(d) Bumps and bruises.

3. Tom Black tracks the bear up the mountain, circles back around to where he started, and discovers what?
(a) Only an old sign where it once slept.
(b) Where it cached a carcass.
(c) Not another fresh sign.
(d) Not another sign.

4. Tom Black faces various crossroads in his life, each time taking the path leading to what?
(a) His skillful riding talent displayed.
(b) A legend that Utes are natural bronco riders.
(c) His desire for injury, pain.
(d) His self-indulging ego, power.

5. What form of exercise does Tom Black use to strengthen his legs?
(a) Jogging.
(b) Walking.
(c) Jumping rope.
(d) Mountain hiking.

6. Tom Black had gotten rid of all memory smells but the bear, and he plans to track it down and do what if it is a grizzly?
(a) Kill it.
(b) Trap it.
(c) Share his spirits with it.
(d) Chant to it.

7. Tom Black faces a crossroads following his Madison Square Garden rodeo ride; one that starts where?
(a) After another minor injury.
(b) A successful ride.
(c) Following a twisted ankle.
(d) At the brink of his death.

8. What is Tom Black's painful trek back up the mountain, naked and completely vulnerable to nature, an act of?
(a) Atonement.
(b) Newness.
(c) Fear.
(d) Death.

9. When does Tom Black arrive and camp at his old campsite when he returns to locate the bear?
(a) The third night.
(b) The second night.
(c) The fourth night.
(d) The first night.

10. Where does Tom Black ride his gentle horse?
(a) Scouting meadows between Bald Mountain, Granite Peak.
(b) Scouting aspens between Bald Mountain, Granite Peak.
(c) Scouting the desert sands between Bald Mountain, Granite Peak.
(d) Scouting the brush between Bald Mountain, Granite Peak.

11. What does Tom Black Bull's instructor die from?
(a) A brain aneurysm.
(b) Being thrown from a horse.
(c) A gunshot wound.
(d) A bad heart, liver, and kidneys.

12. When he reaches the top of the mountain, Tom Black begins to dream, and these dreams summarize his life's battle to do what?
(a) Discover who he is.
(b) Learn the path he must now take.
(c) Establish his goals.
(d) Find where he has been, where he is going.

13. By the last chapter, Tom Black's name has changed to what?
(a) Tom Grizzly Bear.
(b) Tom Black Bull.
(c) Chief Bear's Brother.
(d) Chief Black Bull.

14. Tom Black wants to start over again; however, according to the code of the rodeo, where does he have to start?
(a) Teaching bronco riding.
(b) Working a ranch.
(c) In the arena.
(d) Riding a bull.

15. Where does Tom Black still have to face his fear in person?
(a) The arena.
(b) The mountain.
(c) The desert.
(d) The corral.

Short Answer Questions

1. Riding with the pain of his injuries, what does Tom turn to?

2. Tom Black finds where the bear has cached the remains of a kill it has made, so he does what?

3. In Tom Black's second dream while in the juniper on Horse Mountain, thoughts of what go through his mind?

4. A bear rushes into the meadow from the brush and kills what, as Tom Black muses over his rodeo plans one day?

5. When Tom Black Bull tells his instructor that he will not ride the circuit with him anymore, he advises he will do what instead?

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