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Hal Borland
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Tom Black still have to face his fear in person?
(a) The corral.
(b) The arena.
(c) The desert.
(d) The mountain.

2. Riding with the pain of his injuries, what does Tom turn to?
(a) Alcohol.
(b) Meditation.
(c) Drugs.
(d) 'Old ways'.

3. In the final chapter, where does Tom build his new lodge?
(a) The first bench of Bald Mountain.
(b) The first bench of Grizzly Mountain.
(c) The first bench of Granite Peak.
(d) The first bench of Horse Mountain.

4. When he reaches the top of the mountain, Tom Black begins to dream, and these dreams summarize his life's battle to do what?
(a) Learn the path he must now take.
(b) Find where he has been, where he is going.
(c) Establish his goals.
(d) Discover who he is.

5. His second July riding big rodeos, Tom Black Bull's wild horse smashes into the gate and causes what injuries?
(a) Breaks the horse's neck and Tom's arm.
(b) Pierces the horse's chest, breaks Tom's leg and ribs.
(c) Pierces the horse's chest, breaks Tom's arm and leg.
(d) Pierces the horse's chest, breaks Tom's arm and ribs.

6. Tom's mother told her son that time lays scars on a man, becoming part of his being, just like what?
(a) Stripes on a skunk.
(b) White head of a bald eagle
(c) Stripes on a chipmunk.
(d) Markings on a diamondback rattlesnake.

7. Living on the mountain is healing his soul and Tom Black is slowly recalling his former self when he lived how?
(a) The 'Ute way'.
(b) The 'natural way'.
(c) The 'mountain way'.
(d) The 'old way'.

8. In Tom Black's second dream while in the juniper on Horse Mountain, thoughts of what go through his mind?
(a) Situations of extreme physical pain.
(b) Items he has smelled or tasted burnt.
(c) Loneliness in the absence of his father and mother.
(d) Feeling of the icy cold water he bathed in.

9. When does Tom Black arrive and camp at his old campsite when he returns to locate the bear?
(a) The second night.
(b) The fourth night.
(c) The third night.
(d) The first night.

10. What does Tom Black feel later that day after he awakes from his dream?
(a) Slammed against the gate while on the bronco.
(b) Thrown from a bronco coming out of the chute.
(c) Landed on by a bronco, his last ride.
(d) Jolt of the bronco coming out of the chute.

11. What is Tom Black's initial reaction to Mary Redmond's suggestions regarding a rest home?
(a) He accepts to quiet her, but plans to leave without her knowing.
(b) He quickly falls in line with her offers.
(c) He orders her to leave him alone.
(d) He reluctantly accepts her invitations.

12. By the last chapter, Tom Black's name has changed to what?
(a) Chief Bear's Brother.
(b) Tom Black Bull.
(c) Tom Grizzly Bear.
(d) Chief Black Bull.

13. When the time comes where Tom Black is looking for rehabilitation homes, what is Mary Redmond trying to do?
(a) Escape being slowly trapped as part of his life.
(b) Slowly remove herself from part of his rehabilitation.
(c) Move to Florida to find a home near the beach.
(d) Remain a continuing part of his rehabilitation.

14. What prescription does Tom Black's doctor offer, which allows for little else on his new job?
(a) Eat, sleep, relax.
(b) Eat, sleep, ride quiet horses.
(c) Eat, think, sleep.
(d) Eat, sleep, walk.

15. What does Tom Black do in response to an animal near him in the meadow being killed by a wild animal?
(a) Pulls his leg chasing the wild animal.
(b) Helps the dogs round the sheep in chaos.
(c) Shoots the wild animal that killed the lamb.
(d) Chases the wild animal up the mountainside.

Short Answer Questions

1. Now that he is about to leave the hospital, Tom Black knows at this phase that he will be alone, raw, and without the shield of what that he has had for so long?

2. When Tom Black initiates his physical therapy with Mary Redmond, he is getting around how?

3. In Tom Black's first dream the bear represents his 'old ways' spirit, while the bronco represents what?

4. Tom Black ends his journey in Part 4, Chapter 48, making a full circle from oneness with nature to hell and violence, or where?

5. Tom will live awhile in the 'old ways', then go to town and the Indian school to see what is happening, but will not what?

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