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Hal Borland
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The author, Hal Borland, symbolically compares Tom Black's multiple injuries and hospitalizations with what?
(a) The demise of the Mexican ex-bronco rider.
(b) The image of his crippled and injured spirit.
(c) The death of his father in the avalanche.
(d) His burning down the San Juan ranch.

2. Looking back, what does Tom know the bear would have done had he fired his rifle and missed the bear's heart?
(a) Stared at him.
(b) Awaited to be killed.
(c) Killed him.
(d) Run away.

3. Where does Tom Black leave his clothes bag while he walks up the street?
(a) With the waitress.
(b) With the train station clerk.
(c) With the postal clerk.
(d) With the bus station clerk.

4. Tom Black moves on to Thatcher's Market where he purchases what?
(a) Work clothes, to change his image.
(b) A blue coat with brass buttons.
(c) A new western hat.
(d) More practical, casual clothing.

5. When does Tom Black arrive and camp at his old campsite when he returns to locate the bear?
(a) The third night.
(b) The fourth night.
(c) The first night.
(d) The second night.

6. How does Tom Black Bull feel about his first ride in the big time?
(a) Annoyed, it was less than average.
(b) Satisfied, it was better than average.
(c) Pleased, it far exceeded average.
(d) Displeased, it was only average.

7. Who initially attempts to help Tom Black deal with his dreams in New York?
(a) A doctor.
(b) A nurse.
(c) A preacher.
(d) An Indian rodeo hand.

8. Living on the mountain is healing his soul and Tom Black is slowly recalling his former self when he lived how?
(a) The 'Ute way'.
(b) The 'mountain way'.
(c) The 'natural way'.
(d) The 'old way'.

9. Tom Black tracks the bear up the mountain, circles back around to where he started, and discovers what?
(a) Only an old sign where it once slept.
(b) Not another fresh sign.
(c) Where it cached a carcass.
(d) Not another sign.

10. Where does Tom Black head back to after stocking up on supplies?
(a) Bald Mountain.
(b) Grizzly Mountain.
(c) Horse Mountain.
(d) Granite Peak.

11. After his first summer on the big rodeo circuit, Tom Black Bull returns to the ranch to discover what on his first evening back?
(a) The Mexican ex-bronco rider rummaging his suitcase.
(b) The Mexican ex-bronco rider rummaging his jacket pockets.
(c) The Mexican ex-bronco rider rummaging his wallet.
(d) The Mexican ex-bronco rider rummaging his trousers pockets.

12. Tom Black had gotten rid of all memory smells but the bear, and he plans to track it down and do what if it is a grizzly?
(a) Kill it.
(b) Trap it.
(c) Chant to it.
(d) Share his spirits with it.

13. What does Tom Black do in response to an animal near him in the meadow being killed by a wild animal?
(a) Helps the dogs round the sheep in chaos.
(b) Chases the wild animal up the mountainside.
(c) Pulls his leg chasing the wild animal.
(d) Shoots the wild animal that killed the lamb.

14. Mary Redmond tells Tom Black that she has located a rest home in the country run by whom?
(a) A young couple she knows.
(b) A woman she knows.
(c) A man she knows.
(d) A retired couple she knows.

15. What is Tom Black's painful trek back up the mountain, naked and completely vulnerable to nature, an act of?
(a) Newness.
(b) Atonement.
(c) Fear.
(d) Death.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Tom Black's first dream the bear represents his 'old ways' spirit, while the bronco represents what?

2. Tom's mother told her son that time lays scars on a man, becoming part of his being, just like what?

3. Starved, what does Tom Bull begin cooking for his next meal following breakfast on his initial day at work?

4. What does Tom not realize takes place whenever he is 'riding for the crowd' and as a killer?

5. In Tom Black's second dream while in the juniper on Horse Mountain, thoughts of what go through his mind?

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