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Hal Borland
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Tom Black's initial reaction to Mary Redmond's suggestions regarding a rest home?
(a) He accepts to quiet her, but plans to leave without her knowing.
(b) He orders her to leave him alone.
(c) He reluctantly accepts her invitations.
(d) He quickly falls in line with her offers.

2. Tom will live awhile in the 'old ways', then go to town and the Indian school to see what is happening, but will not what?
(a) Go back to the arena.
(b) Seek out Jim Thatcher.
(c) Find out what became of Blue Elk.
(d) Hunt game any further, only fish.

3. Tom Black wants to start over again; however, according to the code of the rodeo, where does he have to start?
(a) In the arena.
(b) Riding a bull.
(c) Teaching bronco riding.
(d) Working a ranch.

4. Tom's mother told her son that time lays scars on a man, becoming part of his being, just like what?
(a) Stripes on a chipmunk.
(b) Stripes on a skunk.
(c) White head of a bald eagle
(d) Markings on a diamondback rattlesnake.

5. Tom sets out to kill a boyhood, ends up killing the man he has been for so long, and finds what?
(a) Himself.
(b) Those in Pagosa.
(c) His childhood friends.
(d) His parents.

6. How does Tom Black get back to Pagosa?
(a) By bus.
(b) By hitchhiking.
(c) By plane.
(d) By train.

7. What animals does Tom Black leave the remainder of his uneaten, initial breakfast pancakes for?
(a) Prairie chickens, prairie dogs.
(b) Chipmunks, birds.
(c) Prairie dogs, chipmunks.
(d) Grouse, squirrels.

8. Mary Redmond tells Tom Black that she has located a rest home in the country run by whom?
(a) A man she knows.
(b) A retired couple she knows.
(c) A young couple she knows.
(d) A woman she knows.

9. In the final chapter, where does Tom build his new lodge?
(a) The first bench of Grizzly Mountain.
(b) The first bench of Bald Mountain.
(c) The first bench of Granite Peak.
(d) The first bench of Horse Mountain.

10. Where does Tom Black head back to after stocking up on supplies?
(a) Grizzly Mountain.
(b) Horse Mountain.
(c) Bald Mountain.
(d) Granite Peak.

11. Tom Black dreams about his mother dying, chanting her death song, which brings what to the foreground of his psyche?
(a) More of the 'old ways'.
(b) Life at the reservation school.
(c) Experiences in the arena.
(d) Life at the San Juan ranch.

12. How does Tom Black Bull care for his instructor's body?
(a) Leaves it for the city pauper's cemetery.
(b) Buries it at the San Juan ranch.
(c) Offers to pay for the burial.
(d) Collects saloon donations to pay for the funeral.

13. Talking with his employer about the bear he saw makes Tom Black do what?
(a) Continue with his plans for the rodeo.
(b) Purchase a rifle to hunt the bear.
(c) Talk his employer into following him to where he saw the bear.
(d) Change his plans again.

14. What form of signaling does Albert Left Hand exercise with his dogs that Tom Black attempts again?
(a) Hand signaling.
(b) Whistling.
(c) Ute terminology.
(d) Smoke signaling with his pipe.

15. Tom Black Bull seems to draw the broncos that do what?
(a) Reveal his nasty, yet accepting nature.
(b) Reflect his excited, yet satisfied nature.
(c) Expose his light, content nature.
(d) Mirror his dark, vicious nature.

Short Answer Questions

1. Tom Black was obsessed with killing his past, but why does he now see that he must kill that which he has become?

2. Walking up the street, Tom Black recognizes what Indian across the road that now looks like a skid row character?

3. After his first summer on the big rodeo circuit, Tom Black Bull returns to the ranch to discover what on his first evening back?

4. Tom Black had gotten rid of all memory smells but the bear, and he plans to track it down and do what if it is a grizzly?

5. Living on the mountain is healing his soul and Tom Black is slowly recalling his former self when he lived how?

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