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Hal Borland
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Tom Black faces various crossroads in his life, each time taking the path leading to what?
(a) His desire for injury, pain.
(b) A legend that Utes are natural bronco riders.
(c) His skillful riding talent displayed.
(d) His self-indulging ego, power.

2. One night, Tom Black dreams that Blue Elk is speaking to him as though he is still a boy, stating the 'old ways' are gone and Tom must learn to read, write, and what else?
(a) Rope steer.
(b) Raise cows.
(c) Plow fields.
(d) Raise sheep.

3. Tom Black ends his journey in Part 4, Chapter 48, making a full circle from oneness with nature to hell and violence, or where?
(a) Opposition into harmony and back.
(b) New to old and back.
(c) Roundness into nature and back.
(d) Life to death and back.

4. Now that he is about to leave the hospital, Tom Black knows at this phase that he will be alone, raw, and without the shield of what that he has had for so long?
(a) The morbid rodeo crowd.
(b) Nurses and doctors.
(c) His anger and violence.
(d) Harmony of nature, roundness of life.

5. When he reaches the top of the mountain, Tom Black begins to dream, and these dreams summarize his life's battle to do what?
(a) Discover who he is.
(b) Find where he has been, where he is going.
(c) Establish his goals.
(d) Learn the path he must now take.

6. Where does Tom Black head back to after stocking up on supplies?
(a) Horse Mountain.
(b) Grizzly Mountain.
(c) Bald Mountain.
(d) Granite Peak.

7. Upon hearing of the grizzly bear that Tom Black thinks he saw, his employer responds that it is more likely what type?
(a) A mountain bear.
(b) A cinnamon bear.
(c) A black bear.
(d) A reddish panda.

8. What prescription does Tom Black's doctor offer, which allows for little else on his new job?
(a) Eat, sleep, ride quiet horses.
(b) Eat, sleep, walk.
(c) Eat, sleep, relax.
(d) Eat, think, sleep.

9. Symbolically, Tom Black's going back to the mountain represents that he has to do what?
(a) Expose his two spirits.
(b) Release his two spirits.
(c) Identify his two spirits.
(d) Reunite his two spirits.

10. Tom Black had gotten rid of all memory smells but the bear, and he plans to track it down and do what if it is a grizzly?
(a) Kill it.
(b) Share his spirits with it.
(c) Trap it.
(d) Chant to it.

11. Tom Black wants to start over again; however, according to the code of the rodeo, where does he have to start?
(a) Working a ranch.
(b) Teaching bronco riding.
(c) In the arena.
(d) Riding a bull.

12. Tom Black Bull spends much time thinking as he recovers, then decides to what?
(a) Burn down the ranch cabin and barn.
(b) Quit rodeo riding and return to the mountain.
(c) Buy the ranch and give up rodeo riding.
(d) Buy the ranch and teach Utes to ride broncos.

13. In the final chapter, where does Tom build his new lodge?
(a) The first bench of Grizzly Mountain.
(b) The first bench of Horse Mountain.
(c) The first bench of Granite Peak.
(d) The first bench of Bald Mountain.

14. Who initially attempts to help Tom Black deal with his dreams in New York?
(a) A preacher.
(b) A doctor.
(c) A nurse.
(d) An Indian rodeo hand.

15. Tom Black tracks the bear up the mountain, circles back around to where he started, and discovers what?
(a) Not another fresh sign.
(b) Only an old sign where it once slept.
(c) Where it cached a carcass.
(d) Not another sign.

Short Answer Questions

1. In New York, Tom dreams of back-country rodeos, the San Juan ranch, his mother, and mountains, but all the dreams end how?

2. Where does Tom Black leave his clothes bag while he walks up the street?

3. What does Mary Redmond tell Tom Black she once cried all night over?

4. How does Tom Black describe broncos to Mary Redmond?

5. Where does Tom Black ride his gentle horse?

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