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Hal Borland
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Tom Black Bull tells Benny Grayback that he will agree to acclimate under what condition?
(a) If he can eat Indian meals.
(b) If they will let his brother, Bear, free.
(c) If he can visit his parents' graves.
(d) If he can retrieve items from his lodge.

2. How is Tom Black Bull punished when he fights other boys?
(a) He is flogged.
(b) He is forced to make more baskets.
(c) He is made to stay out in the cold.
(d) He is forced to stand in a corner.

3. When Tom Black Bull realizes he has been betrayed by Blue Elk, what does he fight for?
(a) The endurance of his spirit and frustration.
(b) His anger and frustration.
(c) The life of his spirit and freedom.
(d) The duration of his pride.

4. What is George Bull's demeanor when he arrives at the house following the fight?
(a) Frantic and upset.
(b) Calm and controlled.
(c) Nervous, but in control.
(d) Worried and in fear.

5. Who does Tom Black Bull join with to become a bronco rider?
(a) Ed Porter.
(b) Red Dillon.
(c) Marty Redmond.
(d) Bill Edwards.

6. West of Corpus Christi, Tom Black Bull assesses his life and his riding skills. How many horses have died under him?
(a) 1 at this point.
(b) 3 at this point.
(c) None.
(d) 2 at this point.

7. When the first frost arrives, Bessie examines the pine nuts, acorns, and fish they have and decides what?
(a) The white man's supplies were better.
(b) It was better with the corn grown in the fields.
(c) This is the way it should be.
(d) They needed to find additional food.

8. What is Bessie's response to the situation her man has gotten into?
(a) She questions George - what has he done to be chased by the white man.
(b) She collects her son and departs - George acted foolishly, in anger.
(c) She understands an unspoken truth - George acted justly, according to his conscience.
(d) She chastises her husband - he has gotten his family into deep trouble.

9. Having begun to reevaluate his life, Tom Black Bull returns to the hotel and refuses to comply with orders to do what?
(a) Return to his instructor's spread.
(b) Ride in the next rodeo.
(c) Take care of the horses.
(d) Prepare for the next con.

10. How does Tom Black Bull share part of his deer kill?
(a) With Blue Elk.
(b) With Jim Thatcher.
(c) With a bear.
(d) With the sheriff.

11. Who is called to interpret for Tom Black Bull because he speaks only Ute?
(a) Benny Grayback.
(b) Blue Elk.
(c) Charles Huckleberry.
(d) Albert Left Hand.

12. What does Tom Black Bull do to relieve his anger when Red Dillon enters him into rodeo bronco riding competitions to cheat?
(a) Vents it in every illegal way he can.
(b) Vents it in every legal way he can.
(c) Quits riding altogether.
(d) Vents it in any way he can.

13. In what way is the gold prospector injured?
(a) Bleeding profusely from his arm.
(b) A twisted ankle.
(c) A fractured leg bone.
(d) Bleeding profusely from his leg.

14. After two years, George and Bessie Black Bull are in debt for how much to the white man?
(a) $52.
(b) $42.
(c) $62.
(d) $32.

15. How long following his punishment does Tom Black Bull escape the school?
(a) 3 days.
(b) 2 days.
(c) 2 weeks.
(d) 1 week.

Short Answer Questions

1. George and Bessie Black Bull are compelled to work where for the white man?

2. Upon returning to his mountain, what does Tom Black Bull learn?

3. How does Blue Elk trick Tom Black Bull into agreeing to go to the agency school?

4. Tom Black Bull emerges a new man after purchasing new clothing and going to the barber, and draws the attention of whom?

5. How do Tom Black Bull and his teacher later force a Mexican shepherd to make them food?

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