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Hal Borland
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The circle the stars make is juxtaposed to the squareness of what?
(a) The white man's cross.
(b) The white man's houses and streets.
(c) The white man's books.
(d) The white man's fields.

2. Blue Elk talks Tom Black Bull into doing what with the bear cub?
(a) Selling him to Jim Thatcher.
(b) Releasing him in the mountain.
(c) Chaining him in a corral.
(d) Selling him to Blue Elk.

3. Why has Tom Black Bull taken well to caring for the sheep?
(a) The goats wander too far.
(b) The pigs are always groveling in mud.
(c) It is a part of his nature.
(d) It is not as much work as horses.

4. What is the name of the Mexican ex-bronco rider who now cooks at Tom Black Bull's new residence?
(a) Angelo.
(b) Meo.
(c) Francisco.
(d) Diego.

5. Tom Black Bull tells the Mexican ex-bronco rider that he feels powerless at this point in his life, except for when?
(a) When alone in the mountains.
(b) When making money.
(c) When alone in the sagebrush.
(d) When riding horses.

6. How many days away from the agency school does Blue Elk take Tom Black Bull and the bear cub?
(a) 3.
(b) 4.
(c) 2.
(d) 1.

7. Blue Elk knows that life based on the 'old ways' contrasts starkly with how he lives and is what?
(a) Comparable to his lifestyle.
(b) Identical to his lifestyle.
(c) Superior to his lifestyle.
(d) Inferior to his lifestyle.

8. How does Blue Elk trick Tom Black Bull into agreeing to go to the agency school?
(a) Believing he needs to learn the white man's ways.
(b) Believing he needs to teach his people.
(c) Believing the 'old ways' are dead.
(d) Believing the townsfolk will hunt his cub bear unless he does.

9. What does the gold prospector do the morning after Bear's Brother spies him along the stream?
(a) He shoots the she-bear and a cub.
(b) He shoots the she-bear and traps a cub.
(c) He traps one of the cubs.
(d) He shoots one of the bear cubs.

10. What does Red Dillon represent?
(a) The twisted spirit of the white man.
(b) The commercial ability of the white man.
(c) The helpful capability of the white man.
(d) The protective nature of the white rancher.

11. Who has George Black Bull killed?
(a) Frank No Deer.
(b) Frank Spotted Dog.
(c) Frank Rainwater.
(d) Frank Live Deer.

12. What is it that Tom Black Bull admires for sale in a store window when he arrives in Bayfield with Albert Left Hand?
(a) A rifle.
(b) A saddle.
(c) A jacket with brass buttons.
(d) A horse blanket.

13. Twisted in spirit by first learning as a boy, then in young adulthood trying to kill memories and old influences, what happens to Tom?
(a) False legends arise, but he is able to remain focused.
(b) He makes the trek without building any legends.
(c) He builds his own false legends as he goes.
(d) He makes the transition integrating the legends.

14. What method does the Mexican ex-bronco rider use to quiet Tom Black Bull's life for a few hours?
(a) Telling him stories of the 'old ways'.
(b) Playing his guitar and singing.
(c) Harvesting chilies and beans.
(d) Praying in the chapel.

15. What is George Bull's demeanor when he arrives at the house following the fight?
(a) Calm and controlled.
(b) Nervous, but in control.
(c) Frantic and upset.
(d) Worried and in fear.

Short Answer Questions

1. Upon Bessie Black Bull's second trip to trade baskets at Jim Thatcher's store, what does she get?

2. What do Bessie and Tom Black Bull gather willow shoots and other plants for?

3. What is Bessie's response to the situation her man has gotten into?

4. How is George Black Bull killed?

5. How do Tom Black Bull and his teacher later force a Mexican shepherd to make them food?

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