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Hal Borland
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The main character, a Ute boy, first learns the Indian legends, keeps them alive, and then lives with white men. What happens to him, ultimately?
(a) His 'old ways are integrated with his new life.
(b) The white man's ways gradually fade the 'old ways' from memory.
(c) He absorbs the white man's ways, and forever forgets the 'old ways'.
(d) The 'old ways' are driven from his life.

2. The other students tease Tom Black Bull about his basket weaving skill and call him what?
(a) She-bear.
(b) Baby Bear.
(c) Bear's Sister.
(d) Basket Woman.

3. Having begun to reevaluate his life, Tom Black Bull returns to the hotel and refuses to comply with orders to do what?
(a) Ride in the next rodeo.
(b) Prepare for the next con.
(c) Return to his instructor's spread.
(d) Take care of the horses.

4. When Tom Black Bull is entered in the first rodeo in Aztec, what is he instructed to do?
(a) Ride hard, but honestly.
(b) Ride in a betting scam.
(c) Win each ride.
(d) Ride without getting hurt.

5. West of Corpus Christi, Tom Black Bull assesses his life and his riding skills. How many horses have died under him?
(a) 1 at this point.
(b) 2 at this point.
(c) None.
(d) 3 at this point.

6. Upon returning to the school, to what task is Tom Black Bull assigned at the Cobbler's Shop?
(a) Making shoes and belts.
(b) Making leashes and harnesses.
(c) Making quirts and bridles.
(d) Making belts and suspenders.

7. What is Bessie's response to the situation her man has gotten into?
(a) She understands an unspoken truth - George acted justly, according to his conscience.
(b) She collects her son and departs - George acted foolishly, in anger.
(c) She questions George - what has he done to be chased by the white man.
(d) She chastises her husband - he has gotten his family into deep trouble.

8. Who does Tom Black Bull share a room with in the dormitory?
(a) Meo.
(b) Albert Left Hand.
(c) Luther Spotted Dog.
(d) Frank No Deer.

9. The wild bronco is a symbol of Tom Black Bull's what?
(a) Love of nature before being twisted by the white man.
(b) Spirit before being twisted by the white man.
(c) Spirit after being twisted by the white man.
(d) Love of the outdoors before being twisted by the white man.

10. Tom Black Bull and his teacher are run out of Felice with the latter shirtless, so he leaves what on a clothesline they pass?
(a) A $5 bill in exchange for a shirt he takes.
(b) A $2 bill in exchange for a shirt he takes.
(c) A $10 bill in exchange for a shirt he takes.
(d) A $1 bill in exchange for a shirt he takes.

11. Upon returning to his mountain, what does Tom Black Bull learn?
(a) He still remembers the songs of his spirit.
(b) He has lost much of his 'old ways' knowledge.
(c) His spirit is becoming polluted.
(d) His spirit remains pure.

12. What does Frank No Deer buy with the $15 he steals?
(a) A new suit.
(b) A plow.
(c) Sheep.
(d) Traps.

13. What method does the Mexican ex-bronco rider use to quiet Tom Black Bull's life for a few hours?
(a) Telling him stories of the 'old ways'.
(b) Harvesting chilies and beans.
(c) Praying in the chapel.
(d) Playing his guitar and singing.

14. What is Bessie Black Bull relieved about upon her return to the mountains following her second trip to Jim Thatcher's store?
(a) The problem concerning Frank No Deer is resolved.
(b) Her son will be going to the white man's school.
(c) She and her son can return to the Southern Ute reservation.
(d) Bear's Brother will be going to the white man's school.

15. In regards to Blue Elk being willing to sell his own grandmother, what is his reply?
(a) She teaches at a different reservation.
(b) She works in a town over the mountains.
(c) She is dead.
(d) He never knew her.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many baskets does Bessie Black Bull trade for an ax, ammunition, a hunting knife, and candy at Jim Thatcher's store?

2. How many days away from the agency school does Blue Elk take Tom Black Bull and the bear cub?

3. How does Blue Elk trick Tom Black Bull into agreeing to go to the agency school?

4. Blue Elk tracks Bear's Brother to his mountain lodge, and upon looking around is reminded of whom?

5. How do Tom Black Bull and his teacher later force a Mexican shepherd to make them food?

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