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Hal Borland
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Tom Black Bull is entered in the first rodeo in Aztec, what is he instructed to do?
(a) Win each ride.
(b) Ride in a betting scam.
(c) Ride hard, but honestly.
(d) Ride without getting hurt.

2. Tom Black Bull and his teacher are run out of Felice with the latter shirtless, so he leaves what on a clothesline they pass?
(a) A $1 bill in exchange for a shirt he takes.
(b) A $2 bill in exchange for a shirt he takes.
(c) A $5 bill in exchange for a shirt he takes.
(d) A $10 bill in exchange for a shirt he takes.

3. Why do Tom Black Bull and his teacher bother to make the four-day ride just for the rodeo at Bernalillo?
(a) For the experience of riding Mexican horses.
(b) So they will not be recognized and can pull a con.
(c) The rodeo there pays more than at other places.
(d) Tom stands a better chance of winning, as the rodeo is very small.

4. When Tom Black Bull lets some animals get ill eating green corn, he is put back in the barn for how long before he goes to the horses?
(a) 2 weeks.
(b) 1 week.
(c) 1 month.
(d) 3 weeks.

5. What is the powerful, violent force directing Tom Black Bull's life while he is in training on the San Juan ranch?
(a) The Mexican ex-bronco rider.
(b) The 'old way'.
(c) The horses.
(d) His instructor.

6. What does Blue Elk arrange with the agent regarding Tom Black Bull and the bear cub?
(a) To accompany them to the mountain, release the cub, and bring Tom back.
(b) To accompany both to his lodge and release them there.
(c) To kill the cub and release Tom on the mountain.
(d) To kill the cub with his bow and an arrow, and tell Tom he released it.

7. Who has George Black Bull killed?
(a) Frank Live Deer.
(b) Frank Spotted Dog.
(c) Frank Rainwater.
(d) Frank No Deer.

8. When his plowing fails, Tom Black Bull is next set to task as what?
(a) A shepherd boy with the sheep.
(b) A herd boy with the cows.
(c) A herd boy with the goats.
(d) A coop boy with the chickens.

9. When the first frost arrives, Bessie examines the pine nuts, acorns, and fish they have and decides what?
(a) They needed to find additional food.
(b) The white man's supplies were better.
(c) It was better with the corn grown in the fields.
(d) This is the way it should be.

10. Blue Elk talks Tom Black Bull into doing what with the bear cub?
(a) Selling him to Blue Elk.
(b) Selling him to Jim Thatcher.
(c) Chaining him in a corral.
(d) Releasing him in the mountain.

11. In addition to assisting ewes and lambs through the difficulty of birth, Tom Black Bull helps protect against what?
(a) Dogs.
(b) Racoons.
(c) Bears.
(d) Rattlesnakes.

12. What do George and Bessie Black Bull opt for when the white man's method of support fails?
(a) Smoking venison and fish they do not eat.
(b) Smoking cattle and fish they do not eat.
(c) Smoking coyotes and fish they do not eat.
(d) Smoking sheep and fish they do not eat.

13. What does Tom Black Bull do when Benny Grayback locks him in a room?
(a) He picks the lock open, but is stopped.
(b) He chants.
(c) He escapes using his ax, but is found.
(d) He climbs out a window, but is caught.

14. What does Frank No Deer buy with the $15 he steals?
(a) A new suit.
(b) A plow.
(c) Traps.
(d) Sheep.

15. The other students tease Tom Black Bull about his basket weaving skill and call him what?
(a) Basket Woman.
(b) Baby Bear.
(c) Bear's Sister.
(d) She-bear.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Tom Black Bull punished when he fights other boys?

2. What happens with George Black Bull's body?

3. What is Bessie Black Bull relieved about upon her return to the mountains following her second trip to Jim Thatcher's store?

4. What differs between horses that Tom Black Bull rode on the sagebrush range and those that he rides on the new spread?

5. What does Tom Black Bull do to relieve his anger when Red Dillon enters him into rodeo bronco riding competitions to cheat?

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