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Hal Borland
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 20 | Part 2, Chapter 21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what way is the gold prospector injured?
(a) A fractured leg bone.
(b) Bleeding profusely from his leg.
(c) A twisted ankle.
(d) Bleeding profusely from his arm.

2. What does Tom Black Bull do when Benny Grayback locks him in a room?
(a) He climbs out a window, but is caught.
(b) He escapes using his ax, but is found.
(c) He picks the lock open, but is stopped.
(d) He chants.

3. Who is it that tracks the few Utes who have left the reservation to their camp?
(a) Frank No Deer.
(b) Albert Left Hand.
(c) Luther Spotted Dog.
(d) Blue Elk.

4. Twisted in spirit by first learning as a boy, then in young adulthood trying to kill memories and old influences, what happens to Tom?
(a) He makes the trek without building any legends.
(b) False legends arise, but he is able to remain focused.
(c) He makes the transition integrating the legends.
(d) He builds his own false legends as he goes.

5. What does Jim Thatcher tell Bessie Black Bull regarding Blue Elk following her encounter with the Indian women who initially tease her?
(a) He was responsible for stealing from Jim Thatcher's store.
(b) He was totally responsible for settling the issue with Frank No Deer.
(c) He was partly responsible for settling the issue with Frank No Deer.
(d) He had nothing to do with settling the issue with Frank No Deer.

Short Answer Questions

1. Blue Elk knows that life based on the 'old ways' contrasts starkly with how he lives and is what?

2. What do Bessie and Tom Black Bull gather willow shoots and other plants for?

3. When his plowing fails, Tom Black Bull is next set to task as what?

4. Who does Tom Black Bull share a room with in the dormitory?

5. What do George and Bessie Black Bull opt for when the white man's method of support fails?

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